Amazing Ways to Promote Your Event Before Kick-off

Event promotion is a common term in the marketing sector. The process entails using various marketing techniques to create awareness among the targeted audiences. Many considerable factors compromise event promotion, but having the right marketing plans allows you to capitalize on the available resources for better results. In your promotion, you can embrace exhibition stands, social media, influencers, etc. The main goal of event promotion is to sell tickets. Below are the amazing ways that one can promote their event before kick-off.

Understand your audiences

Understanding your clients should be the first thing that you need to consider. 65% of customers expect companies to meet their needs and expectations. Therefore if you fail to meet their expectations, you will have a hard time getting their full attention. So this is what you need to do: research the attendees you want to be present at your event. Understanding your customers is critical in determining the marketing channels and promotional techniques to engage your attendees.

Offer early bird registration

Encourage your attendees to get their tickets before the event. The best way to do it is by introducing early bird registration. It is a duration where people get the tickets at a lower price than those sold on D-day. Usually, the ticket price of an event tends to increase as the day approaches; therefore, you can encourage them to maximize the offer as it lasts.

Partner up on event promotion

Sometimes when promoting an event, you can consider teaming up with some giants in the industry. Join forces with speakers, sponsors, and other event organizers to increase your audience reach. These partners can advertise your event to their fan base leading to a huge turnout.

Create eye-catching infographics

Did you know 70% of individuals tend to retain what they see compared to what they hear? An individual can process an image in less than 13 milliseconds, and they can read roughly 240 words in a minute. In this case, you can see why infographics are necessary for showcasing the key event information that the audience can see, remember and share with their friends. Therefore you need to design infographics that are attractive and easy to understand.

Personally reach out to the attendees

So here is a trick in event promotion. Consider personal touches when using a personalized email or any other special care package for your attendee. The technique will make your target attendees feel more appreciated. Your audiences will see themselves as more than fans. Once clients notice that you care about them, they will become your biggest fans.

Embrace podcasts, videos and live streams

Podcasts can be termed the future of radios. Today, many people listen to them, especially at work or traveling long distances. Over 37% of UK radio listeners are also fans of podcasts; out of them all, 26% listen to acquire something new and exciting. Therefore as a promoter, why don’t you maximize this by introducing your podcast channel? Alternatively, you don’t need to struggle to launch your own. You can become a speaker or a sponsor to an existing channel with your target clients. Now let’s turn our attention to videos and live streams. YouTube is the second-highest search engine after Google. Use the platform to promote your event via interactive videos.

Introduce competitions and gifting fans

Being competitive is the nature of all human beings. Therefore, you can use this opportunity and introduce competition with gifts to be won. You will have many of your customers participating. You can introduce a challenge and ask them to participate in the contest and win free vouchers or VIP tickets. Through the competition, you will enhance an interactive engagement that will excite your fan base and boost awareness when they tag their friends.

Create a website specifically for the event

It sounds more professional to create your website for event promotion. Additionally, it is an added advantage, as you will not mix up your audience who are not interested in attending your current event. You can also create social media handles and find influencers to create awareness of the upcoming event.

Final take away

Creativity is a crucial factor when it comes to event promotions. It is the best way to create awareness among your targeted audiences. Through the above approaches, attendees will be encouraged to sign up for the upcoming event. Therefore as you plan to promote your event, consider the above tips.