Three Ways to Stop Snoring

Nothing can replace a good, night rest. Daily naps are sweet, but sleeping for an hour or two can be stressful for your organism. Yet, one thing disrupts your repose – snoring. It damages the quality of your sleep and very often it affects your partner. Both of you will wake up annoyed and tired – the worst combination. Whether you are the only one that snores, or you both snore at the same time, we will present you three ways to stop snoring.

Raise Your Voice

Believe it or not, singing can be a great way to stop snoring. You can choose whether you will sing under the shower, during the car ride or you will go to karaoke. One thing is sure – singing facilitates the airflow through your throat. One of the most common indicators that a person is a potential snorer are poor muscles of the throat and the tongue.

Don’t yell, but sing with your open throat. Maybe you don’t sing like Beyonce, but this is the least important thing here. Singing will definitely strengthen your muscles so nothing can block your airway. Remember – there is no singer who snores. Maybe this would make you change your profession also.


Around 50% of snorers breathe through the mouth. Sleeping on your back plus mouth breathing is equal to snoring. That is why you should breathe through the nose. Yes, it might seem hard to get used to this change in your breathing, but it is for the overall sake. We recommend you to do daily exercises. Inhale and exhale only through your nostrils for a couple of minutes. Repeat this several times a day. In a few days, nose breathing will become your habit.

The stuffed nose will make you snore for sure. Even persons who usually don’t have this issue snore when they catch a cold. If you are stuck, try using saline spray or decongestant. In another case, rinse your nostrils with salty water and prepare a hot tub. Removing the breathing barrier will help you sleep better and avoid snoring.

When you need an ASAP solution…

If you snore when sleeping on your back, then you should think about getting a mouthpiece. Each day, millions of these are ordered. The fact is that there are many people that snore and they don’t have any more patience with this issue. Or maybe their partners.

When you sleep on your back, your mouth tends to open up and the tongue falls back into the throat. The reason for this is the low passion of the jaw. If a jaw if in the firm position, there is no chance for your tongue base to drop back that deep.

You should wear your mouthpiece every night. We highly recommend this, as the therapy will be successful this way only. Besides that, take care of your oral hygiene. Wash your teeth before going to bed in order to avoid any food stains stick to the mouthpiece. Further, wash it every morning and leave it dry through the day.

If you are skeptical about using the mouthpiece, you should have a look at some out of many how stop snoring mouthpiece reviews. The reviews of the happy customers will assure you of the effect the mouthpiece produces – no more snoring.

We know that snoring can make a whole turnover in your life. If you don’t sleep well, you will be stressed and tired all the time. You need a solid, eight hours sleep. What is more, you will make your partner or your family members happy as they won’t have to listen to the nasty sounds anymore.