Termite Infestation

Pests have bugged almost every homeowner living on this planet because no matter how many tips you follow to eliminate their presence, they still manage to sneak through. There are various types of pests, including mosquitoes, cockroaches, rodents and bed bugs, but none of them have as much destructive ability as termites.

Many oblivious people find their presence after it is too late and have eaten away their wooden valuables. Therefore, we have listed here seven alarming signs of termite infestation in your home so that you can eliminate them before they can wreak havoc in your haven.

  1. Mud Tunnels:

Termites can be spotted by the presence of mud tunnels, which can only be seen if you look for them. Termites live underground, and they build these tunnels for transportation from soil to their food source. Therefore, if you happen to spot some, immediately contact the professional services like the affordable pest control San Tan Valley.

  1. Banging sounds:

Termites are noisy eaters, and you can hear the worker termites banging their heads if you place your ear on the infested wooden article. Unlike humans, they do not sleep at all and are continuously at work, so there is no chance of not hearing their eating sounds on an infested piece of furniture. Therefore, if you happen to listen to these sounds, act decisively to get rid of them.

  1. Pile of discarded wings:

Termites have a life cycle, which makes them shed wings when they are not needed. Discarded wings are usually the first and sometimes the only evidence of termite infestation. Termites are attracted to light, and therefore, you may locate these wings in bright places like window sills.

  1. Frass:

It is a mandatory requirement of every living being that it excretes, and termites are no exception to this rule of nature. Therefore, you can spot the termite droppings or frass lying around the furniture. Their feces look like pellets of sawdust or wood shavings and can be identified if you look for them.

  1. Paint Bubbles:

You may link the bubbling of wall paints to a plumbing leak, but termites are also responsible for generating moisture during their meal times. Therefore, if you observe cracks and bubbles in the paint, do not immediately link it to a plumbing leak; instead, look for other signs of termites to validate the termite infestation.

  1.  Hollow wood:

If you are suspicious of a termite infestation in your home, then it will be a good idea to tap on various wooden items, and hear the sound to check for hollowness. You can also push a screwdriver inside the furniture to check for hollowness. Any sign of hollowness will indicate the presence of termites because they eat up the wood from the inside.

  1. Hard to open windows and doors:

As previously explained, termites produce moisture and cause the bubbling of paint, but they also cause the doors and windows to expand. As a result, they either get jammed inside the frame or do not fit due to increased size. If your windows or doors are facing this problem, then you must schedule a thorough inspection of your home.

In a nutshell, termites are not the ones to trifle with, because they wreak havoc on your home, and therefore, you must be on your toes to look for their signs so that timely elimination can be ensured.