Aggregate Concrete

An exposed aggregate concrete is something that is very simple to obtain and get a beautiful pattern on concrete at the same time. It is a kind of concrete that is decorative in nature and is obtained or achieved by rubbing off, or clearing off, or polishing off, basically removing off the top layer of the concrete laid, to bring out or expose the underlying aggregate or random patters that are formed from the constituents of the concrete.

This also adds more properties to the concrete other than just the beauty. Along with the beautiful pattern, this also makes the concrete skid – resistant, and durable. This is ideal for places that require a surface for walking and drive ways, sidewalks, patios and pool decks.

How Do They Do It? (How Is It Made?)

There are only three basic methods of achieving an exposed aggregate concrete. These methods are namely: Monolithic, Seeded and Overlay. All of these have a different approach to have a beautiful patter on the concrete and enhance its functionality. They are described as follow:

  • Seeded: In this method of concrete aggregate formation, when the concrete is laid and allowed to set, decorative aggregates are pushed, and hand placed into the concrete surface or broadcasted into the surface, to create a beautiful pattern and then the concrete is allowed to dry to get the needed exposed aggregate concrete.

  • Overlay: This method is used for concrete floors that are already in a proper shape. In this method, the already present concrete is topped off with a thin layer of material with decorative aggregate in it. This helps in getting an exposed aggregate concrete without the work of removing the old and already good concrete.

  • Monolithic: This is the easiest and the most common method of making the aggregate concrete. The aggregate material is mixed into the concrete at the concrete plant and the concrete is laid along with the aggregate. A small aggregate material is used in the monolithic manufacturing.

What Are the Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

There are quite some advantages of having exposed aggregate concrete flooring done at a place. Many positives can be brought out onto the surface with the process. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • First and foremost, one can get highly decorative look on the concrete for in a very low cost and also very few extra materials are needed for the same. The process is fairly simple and requires very few materials that are the decorative aggregates, a surface sprayer and retardant and garden hose.

  • The method of preparation and usage of materials is a simple art to master and can be quickly learnt by the concrete finisher.

  • The aggregation makes the surface strong, last longer, and makes it skid resistant while being able to take any kind of extreme weather situations.

  • There are many types of aggregates available of different sizes, colors, roundness etc. according to the design and surface requirements.

  • It requires very little maintenance and some cleaning occasionally. And it also needs some resealing, that too in a few years.

  • It looks good and always fits in with other decorative concrete.

Getting an exposed aggregate concrete flooring done has many benefits. Not only it is decorative but makes your flooring look very beautiful. Moreover, the process is also fairly simple. It gives strength to the surface and makes it skid resistant. There are various methods to get the flooring done according to your need and budget of the flooring. Getting exposed aggregate concrete flooring is indeed a great idea.