Postal Service

Nowadays, there is an increasing availability of more and more couriers that tend to compete with the traditional postal service. Because of this, the trend has also seen an unfortunate decline in the demand for the postal service as a way of sending things. However, let it be known that there are still numerous advantages of why you should use postal service for sending your things vis-à-vis other courier options. Here are some of these advantages:

#1. You can send bulk items at a relatively cheaper rate

The more common couriers that are flourishing like rabbits today are quite pricier than the traditional postal service. If you or your recipient don’t mind waiting for a long time before your items arrive, then sending them through the traditional postal service is a better option. You can send bulk items at a relatively cheaper price, and this can translate to huge savings in the long run, as you will begin to realize that spending so much money as an add-on to the value of things when you mail them is a waste.

#2. You can pay for your postage expenses using PayPal

If you are a business owner, you will know how convenient it is to receive money and make payments through PayPal. Postal services now offer postage supermarket payments through PayPal for your postage, and this is one very advantageous factor for a business owner who might have to subscribe to numerous postage in a day. When you make payments through PayPal, it becomes easier for you to track these mailing expenses, as PayPal can automatically connect to the accounting software that your company may be using. With this, you will no longer have to manually record and account for these postage expenses, which can make your whole process faster.

#3. You can be assured of higher mail security

With other private couriers, there have been many issues with the security and tracking of packages. With the traditional postal service, however, these security issues are often lesser. This situation is usually due to the basic fact that the postal service operates on a more reliable and trustworthy name than other couriers. They have been in the mailing industry for a very long time already, and there is a good reason for this. You are banking on the trust and confidence that the postal service has accumulated over the years.

#4. Your recipient receives their items at their doorstep

When you choose postal services to send your items, you have a guarantee that they will deliver the package at your recipient’s doorstep. You might argue that yes, for other private couriers, they do deliver to your doorstep as well. However, the difference is in the years of experience.

Employees at the postal service have years of experience in the delivery industry that not a lot of these up-and-coming courier services do. Hence, the tendency is for the delivery man of these courier services to keep on calling merely to ask for directions regarding the address, and they still end up getting confused. These calls can be quite inconvenient, especially if you are mostly out for work during the day. This situation, however, is often avoidable with the postal service because they have been in the industry for so long. Hence, they usually know every nook and cranny of the city to which they belong.

#5. You can be sure that your recipient will receive your package

When you are sending documents through a postal service, you can be sure that your recipient will receive them, in comparison with email, for example. When you send an email, there is still the chance of this mail automatically being sent to the “Spam” folder if the email provider is doubtful of this content. Hence, you might find later on that your recipient missed receiving this, as people hardly check their “Spam” folder.

With the more traditional postal service, however, there is a higher, if not a hundred percent, assurance that your recipient will get your mail.

#6. You can quickly locate the post office

Post offices are often located in highly populated areas of a city or town, usually around the city or market center. Hence, it is easier and faster for the postal service to dispatch their items. Also, if you have any concerns regarding the article you sent or received, it is easy for you to visit their office. Even the process of dropping off your items to be mailed is also more convenient because of its easily accessible location.


No matter how much technological advancements have shaped our world today, there are still some aspects that are better done through more traditional means, such as the good old postal service. Remember that it is always best to entrust the things that we want to send our loved ones to the mail provider that has been tried and tested for decades now, and even more decades to come. To many, nothing still beats the excitement of receiving mail and packages from a postman.