If you are using the internet for personal, work, or business purposes, then you need a more stable connection to avoid unnecessary interruptions. In Singapore, you can choose which kind of internet connection you would like to avail. You can opt for a prepaid plan or wifi broadband. These two plans are entirely different from each other. Prepaid plans require you to purchase an internet package before you can consume it while wifi broadband allows you to use the internet then pay it at a later date. If you are in the process of choosing between a prepaid plan and wifi broadband, here is some helpful information that may help you.

Why choose wifi broadband in Singapore? Between prepaid internet plans and wifi broadband, the latter is better. Here’s why:

1) Wifi broadband is faster

There’s no doubt, wifi broadband is faster than prepaid plans. When you have prepaid plans, you are only consuming the amount of data within the plan you have availed. And since it’s not directly connected to fiber or cable allowing the internet to run faster, there is a high possibility that your connection will get interrupted especially when you lose your signal. What makes wifi broadband better is that it is directly connected to a cable, which makes the internet faster and uninterrupted. There will only be issues when the main source of the internet has a problem. So, whether there’s a signal in your place or none, as long as you have wifi broadband, your connection is stable.

2) Wifi broadband is cheaper

You might think that prepaid plans are cheaper since you are giving yourself limits when it comes to the plan you are availing of. But the truth is, you are spending more by repeatedly buying a plan after another. Wifi broadband is cheaper since you only have to pay one-time and the amount of data is usually discounted, which means that you will save more. You can maximize the use of your data without limits. And, in case you consume beyond what’s in your plan, you can just pay the amount you consumed and your plan will reset the next month.

3) Saves you time

When you have a prepaid plan, it’s so inconvenient to load it up from time to time. You still have to go to an outlet just to buy your data plans. This is time-consuming and if you are working or studying, you might end up wasting your time just to run to an outlet or store. With wifi broadband, you can save your time as it is automatically loaded each month. Your data consumption is reset every month and you don’t have to go to a store to have it reconnected. As long as you are paying your monthly dues, your connection will not be interrupted.

So, for those who want to save money and time, wifi broadband is more ideal. If you also want to experience an uninterrupted connection while you work or study, you might as well choose a connection that is more stable.