Take Advantage of Digital Shower Controls

In the modern world, the technology is evolving at an exponential rate giving rise to better and efficient gadgets with every passing day. As a direct result of this, digital shower mixers are here for enhancing the shower experience. Shower valves are a perfect addition to every bathroom as they deliver a luxurious and soothing shower interval. Digital showers are available in a wide diversity, which varies in prices and feats delivered.

In this article, we will discuss all the relevant info related to digital showers like general information, technologies employed, and benefits offered by the same. Owing to the wide variety of digital showers, picking the best one as per all your requirements is somewhat a complex task.

But rest assured, as there are some important pieces of information that when kept in focus while buying a digital shower makes the whole digital shower purchasing process simpler and easier. These important attributes of digital showers are summed up in the article. But before that, let’s start with a scoop on digital showers.

Innovative Technology Employed in Digital Showers

Digital showers make use of innovative technologies built into them for delivering a better shower experience. It is important to understand the under-the-hood technologies employed in a digital shower that impart them their trademark functionality. The innovative technologies employed in the digital shower are briefed up as follows:

  • The heads-up display offered by most digital shower mixers allow users to get accurate readings of parameters, including water temperature and the water flow rate. The display unit makes it easy for a user to interact with the digital shower mixer.
  • Operating a digital shower unit is made convenient by featuring easy-to-use push buttons. Some digital shower units come with a touchscreen, and users can control the functions of the digital shower by simply touching the screen. Such easy operation of the digital shower allows users of almost every age to control the digital unit conveniently.
  • Many digital shower mixers come with a notification feature, which notifies the user whenever the water temperature reaches the set value. This feature helps in avoiding thermal shocks due to too cold or too hot water. Additionally, this remarks the digital shower mixers to be safer as compared to non-digital shower mixers.
  • The wireless technology employed in some digital shower mixers facilitate users to control the digital interface through a remote controller. Moreover, digital shower unit can be installed outside of the shower giving users an advantage of having an increased enclosure space. Installing a digital shower unit outside the shower enclosure also gives the flexibility of setting up the shower unit before actually going inside the shower enclosure.
  • One of the most interesting technologies employed in a digital shower is the profile feature, which allows users to save different settings. The user can easily opt for the saved settings by simply choosing and loading the profile in which the settings are saved. This feature is convenient for families as it allows every family member to have a personalized shower settings.

Apart from the technologies mentioned above, there are some other major options and features that make the digital showers popular. These are listed below:

Pumped Options

Pumped option offered by the digital shower is very helpful for bathrooms having a low water pressure. An inbuilt pump is provided with the digital shower for increasing the flow rate. Pump option allows users to enjoy a steady water flow rate and hence allows for a better shower experience.

The enhanced flow rate provided to the plumbing by the digital shower can be compared with a power shower. You should note that not all digital showers have a pump option, the option comes with only some select digital shower models. You need to check the specs list of a digital shower to check whether it provides a pump option or not.

Thermostatic Feature

Digital showers come with a thermostatic valve, which is also available in a regular shower mixer. However, the thermostatic valve present in a digital shower mixer system is far more efficient.

Thermostatic valves play a very important role in the operation of digital showers by helping the units maintain a constant water temperature. Additionally, a thermostatic valve also acts as a safety device as it cuts off the water supply if any of the individual hot water or cold water feed fails.

Hence, a thermostatic valve helps in preventing thermal shocks that can be harmful, especially for children and elderly folks. Moreover, a thermostatic valve also compensates for the pressure change and helps in maintaining a constant water flow rate.

Digital Showers Explained Further

A digital shower offers more functionality than a conventional shower mixer. The performance delivered by a digital shower mixer is simply amazing and contributes toward an enhanced showering experience. Digital showers are available on electric and mixer models and offer optional features such as pumping. Now coming to a digital shower, there is a small box alongside the unit, where the cold and hot water is mixed to deliver the desired temperature of water to the user. This box is known as the processor box. It is totally up to the choice of a user whether the processor box is installed inside the shower enclosure or outside the same.

The installation of the processor box is fairly simple, and there is no need of drilling the existing tiles as the water is directed to the shower head directly through the riser rail, the ceiling or a wall. Additionally, some models of the digital shower come with a wireless feature. The wireless feature allows the control unit to be installed up to 10 meters away from the main shower unit. This feature is great for families with children and/or elderly people.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Digital Shower

Digital showers are available in an extensive range, and the difference between various models is regarding features, functionality, and ultimately pricing. The wide range of digital showers makes it difficult to select one that is best according to the requirements of the buyer. To make the selection process of a digital shower easy, we are elaborating some important points in the following list that you should keep in your cognizance while buying a digital shower:

  1. Digital shower types – Digital showers are available as different types, such as electric digital shower, mixer digital shower, pumped digital shower, and un-pumped digital shower. You should check your requirements and then choose a specific model that best suits those requirements. Do not make hurry while choosing a digital shower model and always remember to list down your requirements beforehand.
  2. Processor box – A processor box is the most important part of a digital shower, as the combination of hot water with cold water takes place inside this dedicated compartment. It is your choice to whether install the processor box inside or outside the shower enclosure. So, you should buy a digital shower that can meet your personal preferences.
  3. Research work – Doing research work before going to buy a digital shower is critical because of a large number of brands and manufacturers selling digital showers. A single digital shower with same specifications and features is manufactured by different manufacturers. This makes it highly difficult for you to go for a specific manufacturer or a brand. To tackle with such situation, you need to do research work that includes factors such as budget, quality, design, and features. This will help you to narrow down the list of potential options for digital shower units. Moreover, you can go through reviews of different digital shower units to know the experience of existing users of those units.

Main Benefits of a Digital Shower

Digital showers are designed to enhance the showering experience of its user. Moreover, digital showers offer several advantages that are summed up in the following list:

  1. Precise Temperature and Pressure Control – A digital shower provides precise control of both water temperature and pressure. Easy-to-use control buttons are provided on the control unit for adjusting the individual value of temperature and pressure.
  2. Minimal Work for Users – Unlike regular shower mixers, users do not have to operate separate valves of hot and cold water to get the desired water temperature. A user is just required to set the value of the temperature through the controls, and the cold and hot water will automatically mix in the processor box. There is a minimal amount of work to be done by the user for operating a digital shower.
  3. Attractive Design – Most digital showers support a modern, stylish design to make it look beautiful and compatible with the contemporary bathroom décor. Some other even comes with a classic look which is reminiscent of the old days.
  4. Easy Installation – Digital showers are easy to install and do not requires any alteration with the existing tiling of the bathroom. This saves both your money and time regarding what would’ve been needed to remove the existing tiles and then to retile the bathroom.
  5. Features – There are many features offered by digital showers that make them immensely popular. Such features include an LCD display, easy controls, lighting system, eco-friendly settings, and touch screen. Additionally, wireless options offered by some digital showers allow the user to set up the control unit up to 10 meters away from the shower enclosure.

Conclusion :

Digital showers offer more functionality than conventional shower mixers. Advanced technologies employed in the digital showers allow users to have an enhanced showering experience. However, the buying process of a digital shower can be difficult due to the wide range of available makes & models.

Just keep the characteristics of digital showers in your mind when going for purchasing a digital shower unit. These points will enable you to buy the best digital shower as per your requirements, and your budget of course.