Why Small Businesses Should Invest in a CRM Software

“CRM is only for big corporations with large sales.”

“Since you are just starting out, you should save money instead of investing it in a CRM software.”

As a small business owner, you have probably heard these things many times. In fact, you may even have begun to agree with these lines and started to believe that CRM software is not for you.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is one of the most effective tools you can use in your organization to improve and maintain customer relationships. In fact, according to reports, investing in CRM is one of the topmost priorities for IT in 2016.

If you have yet to utilize the system in your organization, we suggest you don’t wait any longer. With CRM software on your side, you will not only have a lot of free time on your hands but are also likely to increase the sales of your company by 29%.

To help you reach the right decision, mentioned ahead are four reasons why you need to invest in a CRM software for your business. After going through them, we are sure you would not wonder “Why CRM?” but rather ponder over the fact that, “Why haven’t we started using it yet?”.

  • Tracking customer interaction 

The biggest advantage of implementing a CRM is, undoubtedly, effective interaction with customers. A customer is the foundation of business success. Thus, if your customer is happy with your product and service, he or she is likely to spread a good word about you and come back for more.

According to a study conducted by the Rockefeller Group, 82% of customers are likely to leave a company because they think that the company doesn’t have time for them. Fortunately though, with a CRM at your disposal, you can track their interactions efficiently. This way when you speak to a client again, you will already know what they like and what is their current status. This type of interaction will not only make your customers feel important but will also help you develop a long-term relationship with them.

For example, at a specific restaurant, the Thomas family enjoyed sitting by the window and always liked still water to be delivered to their table before their arrival. The waiting staff can add this piece of information to their records and can be prepared every time the Thomas family visited the restaurant – instantly impressing and satisfying them with impeccable service.

  • Cost-effective

An effective CRM system is a cost-effective solution for any organization. Of course, there is a cost involved with installing the software to your existing system but it helps the company save a lot in the long run.

Most companies (even in today’s digital age) have high paper waste. In fact, a recent study showed 58% of European organization are still using paper to maintain their data.

How can you expect your business to grow when you are wasting all your time, money, and effort in administering paper as well as hiring employees to look after all that data!

A CRM software is completely digital which not only allows easy storage of data but also lets you easily retrieve the needed information with just a single click. Furthermore, the information integrated in the CRM software is available anywhere, anytime which means that you can access the data from anywhere around the world.

  • Increased sales

Who doesn’t want to generate more profit and increase their sales? This is the main reason why you are running a business in the first place, right?

With a smart CRM system, you can increase sales by targeting the right consumers and following the leads for better marketing techniques.

For example, your company is mostly creating marketing programs that are aimed for the youth. However, a five-year analysis of your company’s sales show that the older lot is more interested in your product.

Upon this discovery, you would definitely want to change your marketing tactics right? CRM ensures that you are going in the right direction by providing detailed information about every aspect of your business.

Additionally, CRM software show the big picture along with the details of your sales pipeline. This way your sales rep doesn’t have to rely on memory or handwritten information to track each sale. They can just relay the information provided by the sales CRM and be free to focus on other more important tasks.

  • Daily automation

As a business owner/ manager of a small organization, you may be wearing many hats – answering phone calls, responding to emails, managing social media, and attending meetings. What’s more, you are also required to look after other trivial tasks like maintaining spreadsheets and calendars, updating staff roasters and sending account reports.

How much can you do in just 24 hours?

Thanks to the automation system, the best CRM systems are designed to take off the burden of numerous tasks from your shoulders as well as your employees.

In short, all the minor (but vital) details can be accessed from one place allowing all the members of your organization to access it easily. This not only saves you time but also enhances collaboration between you and your employees/ team.

A well implemented CRM system helps employees understand their responsibilities and informs them when they are not met; it also makes it easy to determine what went wrong and where. Since each and every information about the company is transparent, members can work together and improve in the areas that need the most attention.

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Which CRM solution is right for you?

It is clear that the right CRM solution is crucial for the success of any company. It will not only benefit you with a better customer response but will also save your time, energy, and effort allowing you to focus on what you do best – selling.

If you are searching for a smart business CRM that fully integrates with your existing system and provides assistance in all areas, then you ought to check out SalesMate.

At Salesmate, we don’t only help manage your sales pipeline and save your time but our solutions are also adaptable to the changing needs of your business. In short, we grow with your business. Whether your business is small, medium or large, we have the technology to make it efficient. Contact us today.


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