Cloud Storage

Cloud storage, nowadays, is meant for much more than just storing your music files, videos, and work documents. You are also likely to share and collaborate on pictures, PowerPoint files, and other documents with your friends or colleagues. So the purpose and features of Cloud storage services should no longer be limited to the traditional storage approach. You should use a service that offers a versatile set of advanced features.

Another important consideration is the storage space provided by these platforms.  If you think that Dropbox’s free storage space of 2GB sets the industry standard, you should look elsewhere for far better platforms. There are dropbox alternatives that provide you with storage up to 10GB for free. Besides, you can avail many more features with both free and premium accounts that add more value and meaning to file storage, management, security, sharing, backup, versioning, and other factors. pCloud, used by 10 million daily active users, is the ideal alternative. It stands out from the crowd at so many levels.

Find out in this review why you should be using pCloud, whether free or premium, depending on the scope of your data storage and other requirements.

Reasons Why pCloud Stands Out

Here are 3 reasons why you should be using pCloud for all your Cloud storage and file sharing requirements.

i. Share & Collaborate

pCloud doesn’t limit you to its platform to be able to share files with other users. You can share file with users both on pCloud and outside using the Download/Upload Links feature. The Public Folder feature also allows you to do the same.

You may also set passwords for Download Links to control who can access the content. Public Folders can be shared with other users by creating Direct Links.

The ‘Invite Folder’ gives you access and permission controls to other users.

ii. Access Desired File Versions

When you work on a file, you are going to edit it multiple times. Do the same on pCloud and it will create versions of the file. This is easy to understand. There is a unique feature here that allows you to access a version of the file on a given date and time. pCloud calls this feature ‘Rewind’. It allows you to go back in time and access a version of a file that you need.

You can Rewind to a file version going up to 360 days depending on your pCloud plan and the use of an add-on.

iii. Accessibility

A true Cloud service should make data accessible and manageable from any type of device as long as it is connected to the Internet. pCloud seems to be fulfilling that requirement with ease. You can access your account from any device.

  • Web: Use to access your account through a web interface. All the functions and features are available through this UI.
  • pCloud Drive: Create a secure virtual drive right on your desktop or laptop. You can store, sync, and access your files in the Cloud from this drive. Again, all the features and functions of the platform can be used through this interface. You can further enhance security by using pCloud Crypto along with pCloud Drive. This desktop app can be installed on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems.
  • Mobile App: Use this Cloud storage service on your Android or iOS device. Access, share, collaborate, and manage files on the go and from anywhere.

These are just 3 reasons for you to use pCloud as your Cloud storage solution. There are many more reasons. The affordable annual plans and the most-value-for-money lifetime plans are perfect for storing your files and using this platform for all kinds of functions. It is certainly miles ahead of the currently popular Cloud storage options available in the market.