Pemf Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has more than six decades of clinical success. But, the surprising thing is that people are still confused regarding the performance of pemf devices.

Because the media pays more attention to creating hype for breaking news that stands out rather than  spreading the research-based news.

So, if confusing thoughts still rollover your mind and you’re searching for a solution. Then, let’s walk through 10 secret things that the media hasn’t told you about Pemf therapy:

10 Things that Media Hasn’t Told You About Pemf Therapy

Role of electromagnetism in the medical field

Does everyone remember the old school physics concept about electromagnetism? It was about the production of electricity from magnetic fields and vice versa.

Indeed, our body cells also function based on electromagnetism. It plays a vital role to heal all tissue damages and regenerate new ones.

Using pemfs, to create a magnetic field near bone fractures could heal fractures and will help in bone remodeling.

Pemf therapy could be useful for cancer patients

Pemf therapy could be beneficial for cancer patients. Because it can help patients to overcome side-effects of metastasis.

Remember that, pemf is not an alternative to cancer therapies. However, low-level magnetic frequencies can induce a current in tissues and result in the elimination of toxic substances within cells.

Numerous frequencies for different individuals

There’s a misconception regarding pemf therapy that it can only use low-frequency waveforms.

But, the very fact is that pemf devices deliver high-intensity pemfs or low-intensity pemfs depending upon the type of disease.

Moreover, higher-intensity pemfs aren’t harmful. In fact, pemfs improve the functioning of the nervous system.

Choosing pemf devices

If you’re seeking an opinion about pemf therapy, then you may encounter several effective devices. But, you should research out all devices rather than preferring specific devices.

Because every manufacturer tries to declare his product as the ideal product. Therefore, you should consult physicians or other consumers about your second opinion.

Pemf therapy and FDA approval

FDA approval demands specific conditions and heavy investments. Well, pemf therapy is FDA-approved. However, there are some specific devices that aren’t FDA-approved but still capable of delivering flawless results.

Combinations of pemfs with other medications

You can take your regular medications along with sessions of pemfs. Because pemfs will help medicines to absorb within the blood and promote their functionality.

But, there are specific medicines that can cause severe reactions within the body due to pemfs. Therefore, always go through all instructions of medicines or discuss all symptoms with your physician.

Therapeutic pemf vs environmental EMF

The devices for therapeutic pemfs utilize low frequencies to target damaged tissues or charge-up body cells. As a result, therapeutic pemfs offer complete healing and repairing from injuries.

But, environmental EMFs with higher frequency could be toxic for the human body and sometimes become a source of tumors within the body. Undoubtedly, pemfs are completely different from environmental EMFs.

Higher intensities of Pemf

Higher intensities of pemf could be healthy for the human brain. Because it can assist in the conduction of nerves quickly. But, there’s a misconception that an eight-minute session could result in magical consequences.

Well, higher intensity pemf could heal your cells but it will require 8-10 hours per day.

Patient’s sensitivity towards pemf

Many individuals experience uncomfortable moments due to electrical hypersensitivity and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

It could be due to an increase in blood circulation, blood pressure, heartbeat, increased absorption of medicines that could be a source of pain, muscle fatigue, and nausea.

Safety concerns regarding pemf

Pemf therapy is completely safe for every individual with chronic pains even helpful in pregnancy. Because pemf therapy is successfully healing people from chronic diseases for over 70 years.

Final words

Pemf devices are friendly tools to enhance blood oxygenation and promote healing and repairing of damaged tissues. As a result, your body will be more energetic and free from depression.

But, if your body is electromagnetically hypersensitive then seek opinions from medical professionals before undergoing any pemf session.