City Centre

City centre living has made a comeback over recent years as people are quitting the tranquillity of suburban living and more rural areas for the hustle and bustle of the city centre. While the countryside offers a quiet and scenic setting, it lacks many of the advantages that draw people city centre living. Major cities across the UK each have their own unique and interesting features, so take a look at the top five reasons that make city centre living so valued and special.

Transport Links

Driving can often be a burden in cities, especially as the larger cities often lack adequate parking facilities or charge over the adds for available parking. Public transport options are perfectly filling the void, making owning a car in a major city like London unnecessary. Travelling by taxi, subway, tube or train, you can reach your destination quickly at a reasonable price, without the hassle of looking for a parking space on your arrival. Not to mention saving the environment by reducing carbon emissions in the process.

Amenities and Leisure Facilities

Cities provide a huge range of entertainment options, eateries and shopping facilities for any night of the week. Take a visit to a museum or local art gallery to appreciate the culture and heritage, experience a special celebrating at a play or the theatre, or maybe even purchase a ticket for your favourite band or show at the local concert hall or arena. In many city centres around the UK, you will never be short of things to do and experience, with each city offering something completely different. No matter your hobbies or interests, city centres across the UK cater to a diverse range of demographics that are sure to satisfy, entertain, and make you want to live there.

Job Market

Perhaps you are looking for a career change? Are you a recent graduate in a desperate search for a well-paid graduate job? Looking at the city centres up and down the UK is the perfect place to begin. Urban centres hold a multitude of opportunities for job seekers that are trying to source their next role in a competitive job market. With many cities come high profile jobs. For example, Spinningfields in Manchester is a thriving location to secure jobs across numerous industries, from finance, law, retail to medicine.

Property Prices

Living in the city is a great investment decision. Although this isn’t something that straight away springs to mind, your property is more than likely to appreciate significantly in value over the years due to capital appreciation. Regeneration is one of the biggest drivers towards rising capital appreciation values, which refers to the rise in value of a property over a period of time. These rising prices make property investment in the city-centre a great option. RW Invest, a leading property company, have been market leaders in property investment over the past 15 years and have a distinguished track record for producing properties throughout the UK that have increased significantly in value over the years.