Why Yoga deserves the popularity it has gained in the recent years

What is yoga? Is it an exercise, a practice, religion, or something else? In the words of Sadhguru an Indian yogi and author “Yoga” means ” reunion”, yoga online classes brings you to the reality, the reality of life and death, the reality of existence. According to Sadhguru life and death, all is in one breath and Yoga is a way to channelise that breath of yours and  make it stable. He says Yoga is a complete exercise “complete in oneself “. It covers every protein of your body from tip to toe, your blood to veins to your arteries and every single part and Hence, it is regarded as a complete exercise. 


Almost 36 million Americans practice yoga on a daily basis, the number of US Yogis increased by 50% in the past 4 years. Coming to gender 

Women account for 72% of yoga practitioners, the number of men practicing Yoga increased by 150% in the past 4 years.

The most important thing to account for is how to make Yoga available to anyone and everyone.

Almost 50-60% of people around you are interested in yoga but for one or the other reason, they are not able to cultivate this practice. Maybe due to the fact of searching for a Yoga teacher at reasonable prices  or Especially for women the trouble in going to a particular place away from home on a daily basis is quite difficult. The women bearing small kids them it is troublesome to leave their kids home alone. 

So then How to find solutions for these problems? People need not worry about this  anymore,  the technology has become so far-reaching nowadays you need not go to a particular place at a particular time for any kind of classes, anything and everything is now made available to you at  home itself on your mobile phones. The online Classes, Yes the online classes are being conducted by the teachers, practitioners, and specialists on  an online mode so that people from every corner of the world could access it on their mobile phones or PCs. The next important question that comes to your mind is how to find these yoga online classes? So here you go 

Online Classes for yoga

Practice yoga your way according to your time convenience just by streaming or downloading the online classes for yoga conducted by yoga teachers, specialists, and practitioners. From beginners to experienced online classes for yoga are present for each and every one. You just have to filter it by level, length or focus. Membership is available at affordable prices for yoga international, Yoga international will help you to connect to yoga teachers all through the world. They will offer you fun exercises to build your body and mind and will relax you to some other extent.

Another such way to access online classes for yoga is by streaming, yes you can stream yoga classes anytime you find feasible according to your schedule. They will offer you video tips for fine-tuning postures and will grill you through fun challenges.

What are the best online classes for yoga for beginners? A beginner needs to start simple so here are the few simple steps a beginner has to follow in order to have smooth postures. Hath Yoga comprises  the basic yoga postures during which you just need to hold a few poses along with your breath, Vinyasa Yoga, Teachers will often pump music, matching the beats to the sequences of the poses. Hot Yoga, where the heat will make you feel like you can move deeper into some poses as compared to the non-heated classes. Yin Yoga, if you require to calm down your body and stretch this is a kind of yoga that you should follow.