Metal Prints

Printing technology is always advancing, and metal prints are slowly but surely becoming one of the newest trends in decorating. People wrongly assume that texts, graphics, and photos can only be printed on paper or vinyl. Metal sheets are becoming a preferred medium by both professional and amateur photographers and art aficionados who wish to display their favorite pieces stylishly.

#1: Better Resistance to Fading

Photos, texts, and graphics that are printed on paper or vinyl will start to fade after being subjected to sunlight for an extended period. Metal prints, on the other hand, have much better resistance quality as they start to lose their colors after being exposed to the sun for over 100 years!

#2: Water-Resistant Qualities

Paper is prone to water damage, which means that your favorite pictures can get easily ruined when liquid is spilled over them. Vinyl has better water-resistant qualities, but they cannot compare with the water-resistance of metal prints. Many parents and pet owners choose to have their photos printed on metal sheets because they want to protect their images from accident spillages that can cause irreparable water damage.

#3: They Blend in Easily

It is a misconception that metal prints Canada need to be placed in heavy-duty frames and hung with specialized equipment that can support their weight. Most companies use aluminum sheets for their metal prints, which are light and can be easily set in traditional or modern frames that blend in with other pieces of artwork. Also, they can be hung via floating walls hooks that will give your photos a more contemporary look.

#4: More Vivid Colors

Images printed on aluminum sheets come out shinier, brighter, and with more lively colors. They are also more detailed and defined than pictures that are printed on paper or vinyl. Many experts say that metal prints are the closest photos can come to high-definition television. You can easily find companies that specialize in metal prints Canada because the demand for such services has been proliferating during the last few years.

#5: You Can Clean Them

Once a paper or vinyl photo is tarnished, it will remain sullen forever because it cannot be cleaned or washed. Metal prints, however, can be cleaned without the fear of damage. The dyes are underneath a protective coat that will prevent you from erasing the image or tampering with the colors. You can easily remove anything from fingerprints to stains to watermarks and anything in between and keep your picture in perfect quality.

#6: Heat and Scratch-Resistant

Apart from being fade and water-resistant, metal prints are also invulnerable to heat and scratch. Once a picture is printed, it cannot be peeled off or scratched because of the aforementioned protective layer. The surface coating is also fireproof, which means that it can survive extreme temperature and prevent heat-related damage.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages that metal prints have to offer. Consider having your next vacation or family photos printed on aluminum sheets so that you can comfortably display them in your home or office without worrying about them getting damaged.