Snapchat as a Marketing Tool

Snapchat, initially launched by Stanford graduates in the spring of 2011 under the name of Picaboo, continues to be an effective marketing tool. 

Businesses that strategically use Snapchat for marketing tap into a user base that will gradually accumulate more disposable income in the years ahead. Bringing these desirable customers into the fold as early as possible sets the stage for future success.

Why Snapchat is Still an Effective Marketing Tool

As the new year progresses, new tech and apps will inevitably usher in. Still, Snapchat has significant value as we transition out of a tumultuous 2022. Snapchat is unique because it provides many features unavailable on other social media platforms. For example, the Snap Map feature empowers users to view what is occurring in their vicinity, presenting opportunities to find new products, services, and businesses. 

Snapchat also attracts new users through its Stories feature. Snapchat Stories are groups of snaps available to an account’s followers and are only available for 24 hours. The limited availability keeps users coming back for more. 

Maximize the Use of Snapchat Lenses

Snapchat has created platform-specific tech that appeals to a broad audience. As an example, Snapchat augmented reality (AR) filters in the form of lenses also make the platform attractive to existing and prospective users. 

Snapchat lenses add visually pleasing effects to videos and filters, creating user engagement that heightens brand visibility for ongoing engagement. Though some such features will eventually diminish in appeal, there will always be a new group of new users who become enamored with the platform’s high-tech features. 

Snapchat as a Latent Marketing Tool 

Overt advertising on Snapchat is effective, but there’s also room for some subtlety. Consider the power of Snapchat’s Geofilters. Geofilters are filters specific to locations that implement a branded component into the videos and photos posted to the platform. Create an account for your business, develop engaging content, and add geofilters to enhance your content. An engaged audience is more inclined to remember your brand and spend for your value offering.

Showcase Your Value Offering With Snaps

Snapchat’s “snaps” are content snippets created by platform users, including corporations and small businesses. Perfect your value offering and then take it to Snapchat to create content. Snapchat snaps are a golden opportunity to present your product/service artfully and shape the target audience’s perception of your offer. The aim is to generate interest in the product or service through a creative series of snaps, eventually leading to a conversion. 

Tell the Story of Your Brand

Snapchat also provides businesses the opportunity to tell the story of their brand. Even if your company’s origins and history are not especially intriguing, informing your target audience of your company’s progression to its current stage piques their interest. 

Use Snapchat to articulate your brand’s story or communicate the stories behind your products, and you can establish meaningful connections that inspire the audience. This encourages them to return for additional snaps and convert into paying clients loyal to the brand. 

Snap Ads

Ads on the platform come in a variety of different formats. For example, you can strategically position ads within Snapchat stories to zero in on platform users in specific geographic regions. You can also implement Snapchat commercials, which are non-skippable and typically appear for five seconds at the start of the platform’s curated content. Be mindful of the details of these short commercials, such as Snapchat ad size, length, and more, to maximize the impact. 

Snapchat is a Fun Way to Connect With Your Audience

At its core, Snapchat is a social platform, meaning it is a conduit for users to connect with fellow people and businesses. Remain cognizant of the platform’s lighthearted nature, present your brand in a relatable manner, and you’ll establish a meaningful connection with your audience. 

In summary, it is best to think of Snapchat as metaphorical soil and your snaps as seeds. Those seeds will eventually sprout to life, providing a bountiful harvest in the form of heightened customer engagement and sales.