Salt Lamps

Rock salts today have been used as additional accessories or centerpieces within the house. Most homeowners today focus on buying salt lamps that have colors which complement their homes. Individuals who utilize the colors, shapes and the sizes of different salt lamps make their homes look warmer and more elegant. With the ever-changing interior decor trends in the modern society, homeowners have found the need to contract interior designers who are hired to provide updates and upgrades to their home accessories.

The interior designers are expected to have a high level of precision when hosing the type of accessories they are to introduce to a particular home. Ideally, the homeowner has the ultimate decision of the colors and the type of salt crystal lamps that they want for their homes. If you have been wondering what a salt lamp is and how it helps to keep the house warm and elegant, this article will be of great help to you.

What is a rock salt lamp?

A rock salt lamp is a type of accessory that is fitted with a lamp and lights up when turned on. The rock salt lamps are obtained by first mining the rock salts from areas such as the Himalayas. The crystals are then cut into different shapes according to the trending needs of different homeowners across the world. There are many ways through which the salt crystals may be shaped to meet the needs of the customers within the homes. Mostly, property owners just select the most popular designs in the construction industry and install them in their homes.

How is a rock salt lamp made?

When the rock salt is mined from the rocky Himalayan Mountains, they are then taken for processing. The processing involved cleaning the rock salts and drilling hollow parts within the rock salt. The hollow part is created to provide space to fix the lamp which then produces a light and heat. The chiseling of the rock salt is done professionally by technicians to reduce the level of damage or errors that may occur in the process. It is the responsibility of the technicians to ensure they do not fail in the provision of high-quality products to their customers when it comes to the Himalayan salt lamps.

Does the salt lamp humidify the house?

It has been scientifically proven that the salt lamp can be used as a humidifier and a deodorant within a home. However, its effectiveness is dependent on the size and the surface area exposed to the environment. When the salt lamp is turned on, it generates heat and produces negatively charged ions which accumulate on its surface. Depending on the surface area, different amounts of negative ions may be produced and accumulate on the surface of the salt crystal lamp. When the ions settle on the surface, they attract water droplets within the atmosphere since they are positively charged. When the water is attracted to the surface of the salt lamp, the dust and pollen particles are left on the surface of the rock salt lamp.

Consequently, the heat produced makes the water droplets to evaporate back to the atmosphere. This creates a humid environment within the space where the salt crystal lamp is placed. There is comfort, and the process continues as long as the lamp is turned on.

Where can I place my rock salt lamp within the house?

Having trouble finding the perfect spot to place your newly purchased salt lamps? This is a common problem among homeowners as they try to make their homes look more elegant and modernized. You should, however, have no problems placing the salt lamps in a perfect spot within the house. The following are the most common places you can set your salt lamps to keep the house warm and humidified.

The bathroom

Well, I know you are wondering how you can place that slat lamp in the bath. It early depends if you have a bathtub in your bathroom or just a shower enclosure and how much time you spend in the bathroom. There are those moments you want to spend in the bathtub in warm water after a long day at work. Can you picture a room that is dimly lit by the elegant Himalayan salt lamp of your desired color? It can be a very attractive and comfortable site to be in while also sipping your wine. Therefore, the bathroom is a perfect spot to set that salt lamp, and it will leave your bathroom looking sleek and trendy. However, caution should be taken when installing the salt lamp within the bathroom. It should not be placed too close to the ground but in a strategic position to provide lighting within the bathroom when it is being used.

The study table

How many hours do you spend on your study table and still feel that the overhead light is too much or your eyes? Sometimes, it could cause migraines especially when you spend too much time on your desk with a bright light shining on the white papers. To reduce these inconveniences, it is possible to set the salt lamps on your table. The salt lamp does not only make the environment humid but also creates a comfortable environment that is dimly lit. It does not cause any harm to your eyes, and the chances of experiencing migraines are closest to zero. If you are thinking about how you can control the lighting on the salt lamp when studying, modern designs are customized with buttons that can help you to regulate the amount of light that you need to read comfortably. When shopping for the salt lamp, maybe you should check one that has a control switch for the amount of light that is being produced. Finally, the salt lamp also makes the surrounding warm, and you can study through the night if you have deadlines to beat.

The Hallway

If you have a mansion and you need to install the salt lamps, then the hallway could be a great spot for you. Installing the salt lamps within a hallway makes it look trendy and classy. This is a trend that most homeowners in luxury apartments and homes incorporate so that their homes are more accessorized. You do not, however, need to own a luxury apartment to make your home look amazing. Get yourself that salt lamp and make install them on the walls of your hallway. In doing so, ensure that all the salt lamps are of the same color. They produce an attractive reflection from the lamps. In addition to this, the salt lamps should be installed in a manner that they complement the themes of the house completely.

The lounge

A lounge within a house is where most visitors wait. Also, homeowners and their families spend time in the lounge when watching movies or general television. With regard to this, it is essential to place the salt lamps within the lounge areas so that they can make the room warmer and brighter. Having colors that are attractive can also be an added advantage as the salt lap acts as a centerpiece to other accessories that are within the room.

Factors to consider before buying a salt lamp for your home

When buying anew salt lamp for your home, it is essential to ensure you don’t overlook some factors. Homeowners who overlook the need to match the salt lamps with their homes interior décor may not achieve the modern look for their homes as they desire. The property owner should consider the following factors if they are to introduce new salt lamps in their homes.

The design of the salt lamps

The salt lamps are customizable to meet the design needs of the customers in different locations. The homeowners ought to understand the best designs that are trending in the construction industry. They can then know the best designs of the salt lamps to check when shopping. The homeowners may order custom made sat crystals from professional technicians who are skilled in making modern, trendy salt crystal lamps.

The accessories available within a home

Accessories are considered to be important in making a house warmer and more attractive. The introduction of salt lamps within a living area requires a lot of carefulness to avoid conflict with the existing accessories. For instance, when there is a piece of art hung on a wall, the salt lamp installed should be strategically placed so that it can light up the piece of art. When they are wrongly set, it can be difficult to complement the piece of art that is on the walls.

The size of the salt lamp

The salt lamps may come in different sizes according to the need of the homeowner. The homeowner should identify the most appropriate size for their home so that they can set them within the house. This is considered an effective way of introducing elegance and comfort within a living space.