Dental Clinics

COVID 19 has brought a global change in the way of working and has also forced people to adapt to the new normal, may it be any industry. The same stands true for dental clinics; there has been a constant change and evolution in the dentistry field that has changed the scenario of taking an appointment and consulting a dentist during these tough times.

So here in this article, we will pen down a few initiatives taken up by dentists and their team to save the patients from the grip of COVID 19:

Adherence to COVID 19 guidelines

Owing to the spread of the Coronavirus, most of the dental clinics have adopted the method of telephonic screening before giving an appointment to the patient. Also, considerable measures are adopted to reduce down the number of people visiting the clinic at the same time to adhere to the social distancing protocols.

Temperature screening

Before a patient enters the clinic, the pulse and temperature readings are taken by the attendants and recorded at the same time for effective screening purposes. Also, efforts are made to trace the travel history of the patients to reduce the risk quotient for the people who visit the clinic.

Cutting down on sharing spaces

Earlier, you might have seen benches and shared seating spaces in waiting areas, but these are being replaced by single seating chairs to follow social distancing. Also, in case there is a delay in the appointment timings, it is informed to the patients beforehand to avoid crowds inside the premises.

Sanitation now and then

With the pandemic taking a toll on the health of people worldwide, sanitization is given prime importance in Cross Creek Dental, The Office of Dr. Rice & Associates. Not only do the doctors sanitize the tools before your appointment, but the chairs and seats are also sanitized and disinfected before and after a patient uses it.

Precautions to take as a patient

  • Make sure that you are fully honest with the doctor and take participation in both pre and post-screening.
  • Do not avoid your masks and wear them everywhere when possible. May it be while walking through the corridors or while taking consultation, do not keep down your mask gears until it is necessary to prevent spewing of infectious particles.
  • Skip using the restrooms until very necessary and if at all you are using it, ensure following all the safety protocols. Wear gloves if possible to avoid contact with the surfaces with bare hands and if you are not donning gloves and tend to touch the surfaces, make sure to sanitize and wash your hands immediately.
  • Be on time as the time of appointment and be in touch with the attendant to avoid the crowd in the hospital.
  • Consider making online and contactless payments instead of handing over cash for the consultation fees.
  • Skip carrying bags and also avoid wearing jewelry, wristwatches, and similar accessories.


These were a few changes that you can happen to encounter while making an appointment in dental clinics. The doctors and clinic management team are doing their best to minimize the spread of the virus, but a lot lies in the hands of the people visiting the clinic.

So let the clinical team play their part, but do not tend to forget yours and do not keep down your gears until this threat passes off while visiting a clinic during the pandemic times.