Old Couch

Buying a new couch is an exciting time, because you get exactly what you want and it’s brand new! The problem is that now you are stuck with two couches – your new one and the old one! So what can you do about your old couch?

#1. Dump your old couch:

Many people simply put their old couch on the grass verge in front of their homes and someone comes along thinking it’s their lucky day and takes it away! Sometimes this does work, but other times your old couch is left to rot in the weather and no-one takes it away! So it’s not always the best idea and anyway, there are better solutions for getting rid of your old couch. Waiting for your monthly hard rubbish collection can be another idea, so you know it will definitely get removed.

#2. Donate it to a charity:

There are so many people who would love to have a couch in their home that it’s definitely worth contacting your local charity shop and donating it to a needy family. Charities only take couches that are in fairly good order however, so if your couch is rotten, torn and filthy (because the dogs have been sleeping on it), forget about donating it and look at some of our other options instead.

#3. Sell your old couch:

There’s nothing wrong with placing an ad on Gumtree for example, asking a reasonable price for it, given its age and condition. You can often find someone who will give you $50 or $100 for your old sofa, but only if it’s clean and in good condition. Places such as Abbeys Auctions can sell the couch for you and take a small commission. This makes it a lot easier and can reach a wide audience. If it’s not good enough to sell, try offering it for free, as long as they come and collect it themselves.

#4. Reupholster and add value:

If your old couch is structurally sound, why not have it reupholstered? There are lots of wonderful materials on the market that can quickly turn an old tatty couch into a trendy and updated sofa that would make anyone proud! Ring around for a free quotes and you might find that it’s cheaper to reupholster your old sofa than to buy new.

#5. Repurpose your old couch:

If your couch is just old and a little worn, but the main problem is that it no longer fits in with your design style or your new home, and then why not reuse it in another apart of your home? Old sofas can be brought back to life with a good steam cleaning and a new fitted cover or just a sheet thrown over them. They can be used in your rumpus room, on the undercover patio or even in the garage! It’s such a shame to get rid of an old comfortable couch, which is why re purposing is a great option.

#6. Recycle your old couch:

If you really can’t re purpose, reupholster, donate or sell your old couch, why not take it apart and then drop it off at the recycles? Many refuse dumps have recycling depots where you can actually leave your entire sofa for someone else to purchase or take it apart yourself and leave the different components in their recycling bins. The two biggest components of sofas are timber and foam, which can be easily recycled.

With these six options for getting rid of your old couch, you should find at least one that suits your purposes.