France is a country of integrity, glamour, and absolute beauty. This is a place where the lifestyle, food, and people can be equated to living in a dream world. France also happens to be a country where lights shine bright and any dream can come true. So, what makes this country so popular?

Its Cuisines

French cuisine is considered to be one of the best-tasting and best presented. Local food tends to lean more on the heavy side but is definitely something that you will want to try out. The adults on the trip with you will indeed enjoy taking this food with the local wine.

But did you know that French cuisine is very similar to Italian food? The French got their recipes from the Italians, which explains the rich spices and curry used in their foods.

Some of the most famous food in France typically comprise of the Soupe an L’oignon. This is a soup prepared using beef stock and onion, with tonnes of French cheese. French cheese actually has a reputation of its own with many saying that the cheese is mellow and pure.

Its Local Culture

French culture is renowned around the world. The school trips to France are an opportunity for students to learn more about the French and their diverse history. History students will even get an opportunity to learn how France was able to welcome its independence.

Its Commendable Infrastructure

The infrastructure in France is not only commendable, but it also happens to be quiet fancy. There is not a single place in France where you will be inconvenienced or find it hard for you to move about.

For instance, the French government has taken very good care of the local infrastructure, e.g., water and electricity ensuring that it is prudently supplied to all its citizens. France is one of the few places on earth with manageable electricity costs.

Communication and transport have also been ranked as among the best. The roadways, waterways, and railways will ensure that your stay in France is comfortable and memorable.

Its People

The French are affectionate, compassionate, and loving. You will always come across the locals walking along the streets without a care in the world of what other people think of them. They help give visitors a feeling of home and the need for one to always be themselves regardless of what others may think.

The French are also very supportive when the need calls for it. You can never get stranded or lost while here as you will always find people to help you and your students.