What is the process of raising a claim for third-party Bike Insurance

Third-party bike insurance is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. This protects you from every damage or uncertainty that can occur while driving. Even if you are a good rider, sometimes things do not happen how you want them to. So, it is a good practice to keep an insurance paper handy so that you are not declared a criminal in the eyes of the law.

In case of any damage caused to the third party, you need to raise claims which is a long process. So, this article will tell you how to file a claim for third-party bike insurance so that you do not have to go through stress during the claim process. 

What is third-party bike insurance?

Third-party two-wheeler insurance or third-party liability insurance is a cover that protects you from liabilities in case of any accidents or damage caused to the third-party vehicle or property. However, you must understand this type of insurance does not protect your bike, meaning damage to your bike will not be covered. Thus, this insurance only protects you from injury or damage to the other person’s bike or property. 

How to deal with a claim for third-party bike insurance?

The third-party claim procedure differs from raising a claim for your damaged bike. Here are some simple steps to guide you through the process involved –

  • Click some pictures of the damages after the accident.
  • Note all the details involving the damage that has occurred – vehicle and the third party.
  • Get the phone number of any eyewitnesses to ensure they back you up in the legal proceeding. 
  • Inform your insurance company about the accident and follow the steps told by them.
  • Immediately inform the local police and lodge an FIR.
  • Get a lawyer and file a case with the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal Court.
  • Attend the proceeding and be honest while telling them about the accident. 
  • Submit all the relevant documents (as asked by the court).
  • Share the court’s order with the insurance company to receive compensation for the expenses incurred due to the bodily injury or the third-party vehicle damage. 

Also, did you know you can raise a third-party claim if your vehicle is damaged? Read below to know more!

How to raise a third-party two-wheeler insurance claim for your damaged bike?

You can also raise a third-party insurance claim if someone has damaged your bike. Raising a claim for your own damaged vehicle might differ depending on whether you have a comprehensive or a third-party bike insurance policy. Here we will discuss how to raise a third-party two-wheeler insurance claim for your bike –

  • If someone has damaged your bike, click the photograph of the damage.
  • Note the details of the vehicle that caused the injury (vehicle plate number, the make, and model of the car, etc.)
  • Note the contact details of any witness available during the time of the accident. 
  • File an FIR at the local police station.
  • Register a case with the Motor Accident Claim Tribunal Court.
  • Get a lawyer.
  • Prove that the third party was guilty by providing enough substantial evidence in court.
  • Be patient and be honest.
  • Receive compensation for the damage caused to your bike from the third-party’s insurance company. 

What documents are required to raise a third-party bike insurance claim?

Claiming third-party insurance will require the following documents –

  • A duly filled and signed documents
  • Insurance policy documents
  • A copy of a driving license
  • A copy of an RC (Registration Certificate) of the two-wheeler
  • A copy of a PUC (Pollution under Control Certificate)
  • A copy of the FIR report in case of an accident 
  • Original and copy of the bike repair 
  • Duly signed Discharge Voucher (DV) or Satisfactory Voucher (SV)
  • A copy of PAN card, Aadhar card, and Voter ID for the identification process. 

You might also be asked to present the photographic evidence with the surveyor and inspecting officer’s report. In case of severe injury or damage, you might be asked to provide medical bills, a prescription, or a certificate attested by the attending doctor. 

What is the situation where the third-party bike insurance claim might get rejected?

There are several circumstances when your third-party bike insurance claim might get rejected. Some of them are as follows –

  • Drunk driving
  • Driving without a valid driving license
  • Not informing the local authority or the insurance company about the accident. 
  • Damage to the bike is not a direct cause of an accident
  • Damage due to contributory negligence
  • If the bike is renewed and new accessories are added, the insurance company is not alerted. 
  • Not paying a premium for the policy. 

What are the important points to remember while claiming third-party bike insurance?

Given below is a list of important things to remember while claiming third-party two-wheeler insurance –

  • Only get into a monetary settlement if you inform the local police or your insurance provider. 
  • Collect enough evidence to substantiate your claim.
  • Cooperate with the authorities involved in investigation and inspection.
  • Be patient, as the claim settlement process can be time-consuming.
  • Be honest about what happened. Lying to the authorities might get you into trouble and lead to a claim rejection. 
  • Have all the documents handy.

A third party bike insurance claim helps you cover damage caused to a third-party property, life, or vehicle. Every rider must own and carry a valid bike insurance document with them to avoid any issue that might arise at any time. Also, you must remember third-party two-wheeler insurance does not cover add-ons or driving under any influence. 

DisclaimerThe above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to the policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.