What the Best VPS Server Provider should Have

The competition of websites on the internet is getting tighter each day. This phenomenon happened because the internet has reached people from any layer of the whole world. People have become more comfortable accessing various content starting from the written content, video, images, news, or even the digital market. This condition leads the website developer to be more aggressive in providing the best user experience ever to its visitors. One solution in delivering the best website performance is by hiring or renting the hosting service providers.

When we talk about the hosting service provider, there are many hosting plans offered to the potential clients starting from the cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPS server, and dedicated server. The best hosting server from all of those types of hosting is the VPS server. This article will talk a lot about the best VPS server plan and feature, rent the best VPS server, and the best VPS service provider. Let’s get down below to comprehend information about the best VPS server for your hosting activity.

A good VPS host should have

There is a lot of VPS provider out there that self-proclaim themselves as the best VPS provider ever. It can be sort of marketing nonsense that led you to rent their services. In most cases, many people are get misguided by this nonsense and finding some losses at the expense. To avoid that thing happened to you, you need to know and understand what the good or best VPS server provider has as your measurement aspect.

The credible VPS server provider always has and provide these aspects to you: Credibility, comprehended VPS server plans, regular maintenance, good reputation, and responsive customer service.


Credibility is the first aspect that you can measure by yourself. How you can know their credibility is by searching for the service review from the site reviewer or going to their official site. Look carefully whether they provide the precise address, phone number, and the clear identity of the company plus the man in charge of that company.

Comprehended VPS server plans

The best VPS server provider always provides the best VPS service, such as managed VPS and unmanaged VPS service, and SSD VPS service. The bad VPS server provider mostly only provides the unmanaged VPS server and give you the unclear advance service after you hire their service. To avoid the bad scenario goes to you, you better check the plans they offer and think whether the price and plans have a reasonable price or not.

Regular maintenance

The best VPS server provider always gives you measurable regular maintenance, while the bad one does the opposite. The special condition happens if you choose the unmanaged VPS server, which is normal if there is no regular maintenance for your hosting server, but if you choose the managed VPS, you should check and make sure about the maintenance to your VPS provider.

Good reputation

Good reputation or reputable VPS service is one of the aspects that you need to consider before deciding to use their service for your hosting activity. The VPS provider that is having a good reputation in the online and offline environment is a good indicator for you to hire them. Why? Because with the good reputation, they surely have a good portfolio in handling a lot of websites. For the advanced method in finding a reputable VPS provider, you can try to ask your family or colleague that have already use the service from the VPS service provider.

Responsive customer service

This one may sound silly, but customer service is also an important aspect to consider. Imagine that you are having trouble, and when you called your VPS provider, they desert you with a slow response. That is the nightmare that you don’t want to experience, right? So, before you hire a VPS server provider, make sure that their customer service is reachable 24/7. So, whenever you need their assistance, you will get it with minimum trouble.

Do I need VPS Hosting?

Do you need VPS hosting? The answer is depending on your need. Suppose you demand an upgrade from your current position after facing several troubles in shared hosting or cloud hosting, plus facing the over-limit traffic on your website. Migrating to VPS hosting is the best solution. Moving to a VPS server has also become an indication that your business is well-developed because when you have a lot of customers, the cloud hosting and shared hosting will unable to handle them due to the limited resource and minimum infrastructures that support the advanced performance. You also need to watch your vision and mission in the future. If you are satisfied with the current status and have a limited budget, you can postpone moving to a VPS server, but if you have a lot of financial resources and demand a level up in website hosting, VPS hosting is always there for you.

Indeed, the price of a VPS server can be considered a bit higher than the cloud server or shared server, but the benefit that you can get is way bigger than the budget that you spend over their services. Try to compare your expense in fixing several minor problems that often appear on the cloud server and dedicated server. You can find out that the VPS server is cheaper than the total amount of money you allocate for the cloud server and share server.

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Who is the best VPS hosting provider

To answer this kind of question, you need to watch and measure several aspects such as the VPS provider’s reputation, track record, services, etc. The best VPS hosting provider always serves their clients with top performance, so don’t be hesitated to ask many things until the detailed one, but we highly recommend you to use the VPS server plan to make your hosting become more getting better by the time for the long0term benefits.