Many businesses or entrepreneurs are switching to custom stand up pouches to package their products from traditional packaging such as folded cartons, bottles, cans, glass jars and metal tins. Stand up pouches are relatively new in the market but rapidly becoming the primary option of manufacturing companies who want less costly but high-quality packaging material for their products.

Benefits of Custom Stand Up Pouches

The biggest advantage of stand-up pouches is its flexibility. They can be manufactured in a wide range of size and design. Below are some of the key benefits of custom stand up pouches and the reason many brands are ditching the traditional packaging.

  • Cost Savings – stand up pouches can save storage space; 1,000 pouches will take less space as compared to 1,000 glass jars or bottles. These are made in plastic that can be pack flat. In terms of transportation, your delivery truck can transport multiple times more stand up pouches than other packagings. Also, the cost of each pouch is lower as compared to metal jars, folded cartons or cans. Hence, using stand up pouches instead of a rigid alternative helps improve the profit margins of your business.
  • Low Minimum Order Quantity and Shorter Lead Time – you can order custom stand up pouches at a low minimum of 5,000 pieces. Other supplier’s minimum order is more than this number which can put a strain on small businesses. Also, the lead time is shorter; usually 2 weeks for custom design and 4 weeks for custom printing.
  • Custom Designed Packaging and Printing – some manufacturers like PouchWorth offers custom designed stand up pouches depending on your specification. For example, if you want the packaging to be freestanding with zippers but you don’t want to put a hang-hole – they can do that. You can specify the dimensions depending on the size of your product. They can also give you smell-proof and child-resistant pouches. Printing on stand-up pouches is way easier than printing on metal tins. Not to mention that printing on other packaging is labor intensive.
  • Sustainability and Product Safety – At PouchWorth, pouches are made of flexible barrier films, a combination of different types of plastics and combine with other materials to create lightweight protection against moisture, oxygen and contamination. It also provides an added layer of protection for all types of goods. Food and snack items’ freshness will be maintained and liquid products will stay protected from leaks and accidental spills. Added to it are their built-in tensile strength and puncture resistant that makes these pouches ideal to store dry, liquid, aseptic and even chemical products. PouchWorth also offers compostable and bio-degradable options in customizing stand up pouches – better impact on the environment.
  • Convenience Features – Aside from its durability, PouchWorth’s custom stand up pouches also offers a multitude of features like easy-tear tabs, reclosable zipper and hang-holes. Spouts can be also added to the pouches up to 16” tall for liquid products. Let’s discuss more its feature in the next section of this article.

More Features of Custom Stand Up Pouches by PouchWorth

As mentioned above, there are several features of custom stand up pouches that are useful for your packaging needs such as:

  • Reclosable Zippers – stand up pouches often have zippers for consumer’s convenience especially for products that will be accessed multiple times before it’s totally consumed. Example of these products are nuts, dog treats and food mix among others.  The zipper allows the product to keep up its freshness even if the packaging was opened multiple times. There are various types of reclosable zipper as follow:

Flanged Zipper – this is the most common barrier zipper used in flexible packaging. It keeps the content of the pouch fresh longer even if the sealed pouch has been opened.

o   Heavy Duty Flanged Zipper (Dual Track) – useful to consumers if the content of the package will be consumed for a longer period. Dual track increases the barrier retention ensuring the package is tightly closed even after multiple numbers of opening and closing the pouch.

o   Powder Zipper – designed for flexible barrier packaging for fine powders like flours or industrial chemicals. This type of zipper forces powder or chemical back to the pouch when pressing the zipper closed.

o   Wide Flange Zipper – has a higher side wall that extends beyond the normal zipper area that creates a neater appearance of the tear line. It gives customer sign of where to place their thumb when tearing up the bag.

o   Child Resistant Zipper – this zipper applies to content that requires poison control packaging. It helps protect children from dangerous content like pharmaceutical products.

  • Pouch Hang Holes – this feature allows any stand-up pouch to be displayed in peg board instead of displaying in a shelf. There is a variety of hang holes such as center punch, delta, osha and many more. Hang holes are standard among pouches but you can opt to remove it for any custom stand up pouches.
  • Degassing Valve – it allows gasses produced from the pouch to escape. This is common for products that emit gas when inside the bag like Kimchi. The valve allows releasing of the built-in gas inside the pouch but does not allow air from entering into the packaging.

Other feature includes tin ties and tear notches that allow consumers to easily open and close the pouch.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your product packaging to the next level and switch from traditional packaging to custom stand up pouches, make sure to get the FDA approved pouches from PouchWorth. Their custom stand up pouches are made of a variety of barrier material depending on your specification in terms of aesthetic and performance characteristics. They offer stock sizes that you get within 1-2 days upon order. Just in case you want a specific size and printing design, they also offer custom design and printing specifically for your packaging needs. Custom design is available for a minimum order of 5,000 pieces with 2 weeks lead time upon order and 4 weeks lead time for custom printing.