We live in a world where so many different culture and traditions are found. Especially for the upcoming ‘big day’ of your life that is a wedding. You’ll find a copious amount of fascinating wedding traditions.

Since everyone is curious to know about the traditions we have picked up 7 countries all over the world having strangest yet exciting traditions.

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indiaThe moment groom steps into the mandap for the ceremony he needs to take out his shoes as for Indians wedding is an auspicious occasion. The unmarried girls from the bride’s side will steal the shoes and hide them. Once the bride and groom have performed all the rituals, he is supposed to wear the shoes before leaving the mandap. The girls will only return the shoes after getting ransom from the groom or anyone from his side.


italian traditionalTraditions are a crucial part of Italian culture and so as for weddings which are being decorated with fresh blooms available at Qfiori.it.  The grooms would even carry a small piece of iron into their pocket. Also, the interesting thing is once the ceremony gets over, the couple will have to break the vase into pieces. The more pieces the longer they are going to stay together. One of the oldest traditions is to give candy-coated Jordan almonds which symbolize the bittersweet ride of marriage. It’s given to the guest in a pouch. Also in numbers of 5 or 7 as it’s a lucky number.


Morocco-traditionalA Moroccan wedding traditionally lasts for seven days. The bride is being treated like a queen. Also, temporary henna tattoos are used on hands and feet. Once the couple is together after wedding the guest’s shower figs and raisins as it signifies fruitfulness and well wishes towards life. Later the bride will have to circle the house 3 times. It says that she will protect the house and her heart belongs to the loving family. Moreover, the Moroccan weddings should commence after sunset or at night.


Mexico traditionalMexico is everyone’s favourite destination for romance. While the people are equally passionate and enjoy weddings with great fervour. The brides dew red, yellow and blue ribbons into their undergarments which say about money, food and of course passion for future. During the wedding ceremony, the groom gives 13 gold coins also known as areas which characterize Christ and the 12 apostles.


France traditionalA real treat for many of us would be to attend a French wedding. The French tradition called Le Soupe is when the ceremony gets over the bridesmaid collect all the leftover food and drinks from the reception and throw it into a pot. Then they will scurry over the bride and grooms bedchambers and make them eat the food. The church is all decorated in white. Groom walks his mother down to the aisle – a tradition still being carried. Seated in the velvety chairs bride and groom take the vow. Besides you can order sparkling wine via online shop Qfleurs.fr and raise a toast.


German traditionalAfter the bride and groom are done with their vows they are supposed to saw a log. This happens to be the first barrier in their life which they’ll face off together.  It stands for how they will be from now onwards always working in the team and stand by each other’s side. For those friends who live overseas can send flower bouquets via Qblumen.de. In general, brides wear the veil but in Germany, they have to wear a tiara or flowery headbands. At midnight she is blindfolded during the dance. The bridesmaid will be dancing and whomsoever she will catch is going to be the next woman to marry.


Greece traditionalThe magical traditions perform in Greece are undoubtedly beautiful. The month January and June are being considered as the ideal months for the marriage. Although the tradition of dressing the bed is gone some Greeks throw money and rice on the bed as to have the life filled with prosperity. Later rolls the baby for the blessings of fertility. In order to receive the wedding gifts, the bride and groom have to dance. One by one money will be pinned by their lovely family members and friends.

Although each country has got its own customs, it isn’t necessary for the bride and grooms to perform them. Getting all together and cherishing the moments makes the wedding the most memorable day of your life. In addition, the above-mentioned traditions will add loads of fun and is bound to rise up the cheers.

Wishing you and your warm-hearted wishes for the new beginning.