9 Ways to Find Out A Right Business Premise Location

One of the crucial variables in starting a business is the location itself. To determine your potential success, figure out first if you are in the right place. By examining your surrounding where your particular business will operate, you will be able to foresee what would be the future of your business.

You can readily determine the possible cause and effect of your running business if you’re observant of its location as well as the premise. The success of your business may vary from it. Evaluate your business status by analyzing these following factors that can affect your business growth.

Your Business Area

Your location should be an appealing area. Observe if the area is exposed to mass transit and some vehicles. If not, you will experience trouble in gaining profit. Keep this in mind that most businesses operate well because they’re usually exposed to a massive crowd.

Highly consider your business area in determining the future of your company. It should captivate the eyes of your customers. Observe the urban areas. As you can notice, plenty of businesses operates where there is a large population of customers.

The Needs Of Your Customers

Examine the location if it rightly suits the customer needs. If you want to have the best access to your market, then your business should be in a right location. “The first impression lasts” phrase is indeed true in business so, make sure your property will nicely say about your business profile.

Pull And Push Factors

“Push” factors are the aspects that draw the business away including the presence of more competitors, demand reduction, or even poor communication and transportation system.

While “pull” factors are those labor costs that are low, government incentives, increasing consumer base and enhanced communication and transportation system. These are distinct factors that can impede or help the success of your business.

Facilities Space

Try to observe if your business premise provides the right space for your needed facilities. Cafe requires kitchen facilities. If your business is shipping or warehousing, you need access to shipping facilities. Your chosen location and premise should suit your business facilities.

Usually, owners rent a location to run their business. Check the cost of rental fee as well. Make use of your time to examine all aspects regarding with space you currently have.

The Presence of Suppliers

There is a high possibility that suppliers influence your location. Determine if you can easily access your suppliers. Remember that if you are close enough to your suppliers, there’s an assurance that your product can be on the market.

The essential practical reasons why you should have local suppliers is for assistance. Local suppliers support your local business which helps the economy to grow. Another factor you should consider as an owner is the ease of customer service at any given time.

The Finance Status

You should be aware of local pay rates, business rates and land and property rates. You may be responsible for business rates reduction for a limited period, and assist with a particular investment, and it could grant or loan. Regarding the location where your business run, it is necessary that you understand your title.

It is required to consider everything. You can a find a “cheaper” location but offers unstable customer service. Some areas provide government incentives. You can contact credible property experts to help you identify if your business location is in the right field where you can acquire a lot of benefits.

The Composition of the Community

Owners and managers of a specific business should continuously perform due diligence including research with regards to community’s demographics. Studying the demographics is a crucial study that helps the owners to identify whether their business will grow or continue. There are specific factors within a community that can surprisingly attract a market.

Parking Spaces

The location property should be accessible for customers or deliveries, including the disabled customers. Consider your parking spaces. Observe if it has enough space for vehicles. Be mindful of your area of accessibility. The performance of your business may vary with space you currently have.

Backup Infrastructure

It is better to have a backup infrastructure in operating your business. Now, determine if you have any backup support including backup systems for water and electricity. Backups provide appropriate assistance when it comes to emergency cases. Regards the fact that one of your goals as a businessman is to satisfied your customers.

A good premise should have a backup generator in case of power outage. Even though power outage is not typical in any region, be a “scout” because you never know when you need a backup. Backup system will help a business company to work well.


Your business premises should provide your necessities as a business owner, and it should be in the right location. To assure business growth and success, consider different factors that will affect the operation of your company.

Now, if you have questions and you’re confused with the status of your business, it is now the best time to reflect and review the given factors above to determine if you are in the right place.

Author’s Bio:

Yassi Parrish is an avid reader of Rose & Jones blogs and a member of property advisory group and who handles different clients for business property. Throughout her years, she always makes sure that her clients will obtain the right property for their growth and success.