Vape Tips for New Users

With vape slowly and gradually becoming a worldwide phenomenon, the market has grown substantially in the last decade or so. Now, if you see someone vaping on the street, you will not be as surprised as you would have been had you seen this some years back. Or maybe if you were to go out vaping, you will realize that not as many people turn around to look at you or point at you as they once would have. The world has now accepted vapes in its everyday list of things that it sees.

What the world has not added to its list, however, is its abhorrent view of cigarette. There has been a shift in the outlook of cigarettes gradually from a supposedly cool entity to a very harmful and boring one. But, no shift following that to look at cigarettes with a positive regard.

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Although this is a very worrying phenomenon for cigarette producers, it has long been anticipated, and as a matter of fact, awaited phenomenon in the world. Everyone knew people will soon come to realize that cigarettes are harmful to them and move on to better alternatives, which is exactly what happened; people moved on to vapes, which are much better devices for nicotine inhalation than cigarettes.

But even vapes are not as simple as they seem. They come with plenty of challenges and it is important to know how to deal with these challenges as a new user. So, here are 13 tips that for you if you are a new user:

#1. Vaping in Public:

Since you are new to vaping, you might think that vaping is acceptable to people around you because it does not harm them like cigarettes do. The thing is that that assumption is not completely true. Not everyone around you knows that vapors are not harmful like smoke from a cigarette. Moreover, you do not realize that although vapes have been proven to be much less harmful than cigarettes, the FDA still limits its usage like cigarettes since it considers vapes under the same category of nicotine inhalation device as cigarettes. So, if you have to vape in public, look around for signs that might restrict you from doing so and make sure people around you are comfortable with it.

#2. Why You Vape:

When you go out to get vape kits for beginners, you need to be completely aware about why you vape. Your purpose for vaping will dictate what kit you buy. If you are someone who is very addicted to smoking and looks to vaping as an alternative to help you quit, you should know that your vape kit should offer you high nicotine feel to make sure that your craving for nicotine is satisfied. You should then go out and buy vapor pod systems that offer great nicotine feel. If on the other hand, you vape because you love the vapor production, you should look for vapes that guarantee maximum vapor production. So, then you should go out and buy a box that offers enhanced flavor and vapor.

#3. Vape Flavor:

When you go out to buy vape flavor, it is important to understand that not everything that the salesperson says to you is necessarily true or fits your requirements. So, you need to be aware of what flavor fits you. This question usually revolves around questioning what the vape flavor is made up of. So, you should consider the PG to VG ratio, the nicotine and the flavor itself.

The PG to VG ratio will dictate how much vapor the flavor will produce in comparison to the richness of its flavor. Cloud chasers therefore chose high VG flavors to get more and more vapor production. The nicotine will depend on how much you can handle. If you choose too much nicotine, you will have to suffer extreme throat hits that will ruin your vaping experience. You can buy the flavor according to your preference from the millions of different ones available in the market.

#4. Coils:

What most new vapers fail to grasp is that their coils burning out is not a big deal. Coils are not long lasting and their burning out depends on how long you vape and what flavors you vape. The most important indication that your coil has burnt out is that you will begin to feel a burnt taste in your flavor or the flavor will be diminished. Although usually a vape coil will last around 2 to 3 weeks, as a rule of thumb, you should change your coil at four weeks even if you think it is not burnt.

#5. Flavor is Not Always the Problem:

An essential tip for people new to vaping is that it is not the flavor that is always at fault. New vapers tend to believe that it is, but there plenty of other factors that can determine what your vape tastes like. Different atomizer will give you a different feel of the flavor, a different mod will give you different feel, and even different voltage settings will give you changed flavors. So, if you think that your vape flavor feels different, try tweaking your kit around a little.

#6. Batteries:

When it comes to vaping, batteries are one of the most important components in the kit. You might ask how, but the answer is pretty straightforward: a vape kit cannot work without a battery. So, then what is the big deal? The big deal is that buying mediocre batteries puts you at risk because mediocre batteries can heat up and explode, which has happened in the past. So, always buy good batteries that are quality assured. This shows the importance of purchasing vaping devices and their components from well-established brands. Many of these brands offer user-friendly starter kits that contain the entire vaping experience. For instance, the Geekvape vape collections and Provape beginner kits are perfect examples of this approach. These sets guarantee that all vape parts work well together, simplifying the experience, especially for those new to the practice.

#7. External Chargers:

Many new vapers are surprised when people charge their batteries in an external charger even when the mods come with a USB charger. However, as a new vaper, you should know the science behind this. The USB chargers of mods do not completely charge your batteries and hence the battery time is very less. Charging in an external charger means that you can get the batteries fully charged and hence get maximum battery time.

#8. Leaks:

If you buy a new vape tank and it begins to leak, do not panic and throw it out to get a new one. Vaping tanks often come out with leaking faults which are often impossible to fix. Even some of the best vape tanks in the markets will do this and therefore it is not alarming that your vape tank leaks a little. Just try to keep your vape tank in an upright position at most times and not fill your tank completely. Also, carry around a cloth to clean your vape tank if it does leak.

#9. Breaks:

It is very important to understand the limitations of vapes when it comes to vaping. You should know that your vapes are not meant for chain vaping and therefore you cannot just keep on vaping for hours and hours. This was actually one of the reasons for initial explosions of vapes in the first few years of its introduction. Your vapes need breaks in between your vaping sessions and make sure that you allow plenty of those.

#10. Vaper’s Tongue:

Vaper’s tongue is when you lose taste of the flavor that you are vaping. Contrary to popular beliefs it has more to do with your sense of smell than your sense of taste. If this does happen to you, do not get alarmed. Vaper’s tongue will go away in just a few days and you should try to stay away from vaping while it lasts.

#11. Water:

Many people fail to realize the importance of water in their vaping routine. Vaping will dehydrate you gradually without you even realizing it. Therefore, it is very important to always carry a water bottle while you vape. Not only will water keep you hydrated but will also keep problems like vaper’s tongue and popcorn lungs out of the picture. Moreover, keeping hydrated while you vape also makes sure that you get better taste out of the flavor that you are vaping.

#12. Experiment:

Even after outlining all the possible problems, I feel it necessary to advise you to experiment. You cannot rely on other people’s recommendations because the flavor is always subjective and therefore it is necessary that you experiment with your flavors and your kits to discover better vaping habits and better flavors. So, never be afraid to experiment.

#13. Ask:

The best advice that anyone can ever give a new vaper is to always ask. If you are unsure about anything and find that there is no guidance over the internet, you should just ask. No matter how mediocre the problem, it is better to ask than to have a bad vaping experience or to hurt yourself or your kit trying to find your own way around things. You will realize that the vaping community is very helpful and you will have your answers without many inquiries. Just ask!

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