Top 10 Safe Foods for Valentine Day

The holiday seasons is unofficially known to start at the end of October (Halloween) till the Valentine’s Day, which is the time when everybody celebrates, eat and drink. The imprudent consumption of sweetened food like candies, sweets, cakes, alcoholic beverages like wine, beer and high cholesterol food such as meat can pose a number of threats to your health as well as your teeth. These savory and tasty delights can cause some severe damage to your teeth. And to worsen the problems, the combination of all these delicious but troublesome food is something beyond a dentist’ nightmare.

It is indicated by professional dentists all over the world that sugar, alcohol and those sticky foods which are mainly consumed by couples during Valentine’s Day can cause severe devastation to your teeth and gums. Moreover, studies have shown that during Valentine occasion.

As a result, by raising awareness of what to consume during this holiday season can help you to enjoy your holiday meals while staying healthy. Here are top 10 safe food that you should considerate eating during your holiday season.

Top 10 Safe Food for Valentine Season

As a result, by raising awareness of what to consume during this holiday season can help you to enjoy your holiday meals while staying healthy. Here are top 10 safe food that you should considerate eating during your holiday season.

1. Avocado :avocadoBeginning your Valentine with your beloved one with tasty and creamy avocado seems to be the most perfect thing since avocado is a rich source of vitamin E. Moreover, it is a creamy and smooth fruit that can be added to your fresh salad or can be blended into a delicious juice which can support your body with hormones such as testosterone, progesterone and oestrogen.

2. Smoked Salmon and Toast :

smoked salmon toastSalmon is well known to be one of the richest source of omega 3 – a very healthy fatty acid that is able to lower the blood pressure as well as keep the cholesterol level at a healthy level. Moreover, this healthy fatty acid also wards off those heart diseases and improve your skin conditions as well. Therefore, make sure that salmon is present on your table on your holiday season.

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3. Salsa :

salsaAnother great choice for your holiday meals, salsa which originates from Mexico, will contribute the incredible taste to your parties without adding any worries about weight and unhealthiness. The major ingredients to make the best finger food in the world include tomatoes, peppers and lime which are packed with healthy vitamin A, vitamin C and a large amount of fiber. Plus, this dish is good for ones want to celebrate without worrying about gaining more weight due to high calories food.

4. Chocolate :

Sweet ChocolatesWe cannot mention the power of chocolate in terms of gift for Valentine as well as sweets. The most iconic chocolate is dark chocolate because it is known to increase dopamine amount in the brain. Thus, the feeling of pleasure is boosted up.

Plus, cacao, the major ingredient to make chocolate, can reduce the blood pressure, stimulate the circulation, thus, the risk of getting diabetes and other heart diseases.

5. Vegetables

VegetablesA platter of healthy and fresh veggie will be one of the safest strategies for you to enjoy your holiday season without gaining any weight. Those food containing carotenoids with a powerful amount of vitamin A will help you to stay healthy while celebrating your Christmas Eve or New Year’s Days with your family members and relatives. And do not hesitate to add creamy ranch dip into your vegetable to increase the nutrient absorbing capacity of your body.

6. Chicken Kabobs :

chicken kabobsGrilled chicken meat which is an Asian appetizer contain very few calories/fat. Therefore, it is highly recommended to add this tasty and savory delight to your diet during your holiday season. In addition, the most common dish is teriyaki glaze, which originates from Japanese cuisine will give you truly a taste of grilled chicken.

7. Fruit and Cheese :

cheese fruitFresh fruit such as strawberries, apples, oranges and pineapples are packed with valuable and nutritious vitamin which can help to boost your digestive system. Moreover, those fruits that are rich sources of vitamin C like oranges, berries and papayas will help to enhance your immune system as well. Plus, women’s requirements of calcium on daily basis is 1000mg, thus, cheddar cheese shall be one of the best choices to top up your calcium source in your body.

8. Red Wine :

red wineOne of the indispensable beverages during holiday seasons, red wine is packed with polyphenol, a property found in the skin of red grapes that regulates the circulation, reduce the blood pressure and support the overall well – being. Along with red wine, white wine is recommended as well. A romantic dinner is embellished with red wine will be a perfect gift to share with your loved one.

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9. Mixed Nuts :

mixed nutsChoose the mixed nuts without honey or sugar will help you tremendously in staying healthy while enjoying your holiday season with family. Several scoops of plain nuts will bring a number of vitamins, fiber as well as protein to fulfill your stomach without gaining weight. You can also add some sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds into the bowl because they are full of vitamin E, which can stimulate your circulation, improve your skin condition and aid you in PMS as well.

10. Turkey :

turkey mealTurkey – an indispensable dish for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, provides necessary daily permission of folic acid and vitamin B, potassium as well as zinc. These healthy properties have been proven to lower the blood pressure, prevent cancer and other heart diseases. Plus, they also can enhance the immune system. Thus, you should take a little of turkey at the Thanksgiving table to fill up your stomach without worrying about gaining any weight.

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