Sweet Chocolates

Chocolate is something which is everyone’s favorite. There are very few people who do not like to eat chocolates. They are a perfect mood changer. Munching on a bar of chocolate can instantly uplift your mood when you are feeling down. Even if you are not feeling down, you can always grab a chocolate just for the sake of having it.

Birthdays are also incomplete without cakes and chocolates. If one wants to send birthday chocolates to anyone, they can get in a lot of assortments in the basket before sending it to them.

How chocolate came to our life?

We all love chocolates, but do we know where chocolate originally came from? Well, there is a tree which is mainly found in the Amazon forests and is known as the Cacao tree. It is said to be the primary ingredient of a chocolate. The fruit of this tree has a very mild flavor and the seeds of the fruits are dried and then processed later to produce the famous cocoa beans, which are indispensable in a chocolate bar.

It is said that the cacao tree also has three varieties. The most common one which is found is called Forastero. This is the most popular one and is used in the making of almost all the chocolates in this world. Then there is another variety called Creollo, which is a bit rare. The chocolates which are made from these cocoa beans are priced high. The third or the last variety of cacao tree is called Trinitario. This is a perfect amalgamation of both the trees mentioned earlier.

chocolate Varieties

Interesting Facts About Chocolates

  • Chocolate is a word, which has been originated in Spain and the word originally means ‘bitter water’. It is mainly made of ingredients like cocoa seed, which are freshly ground and roasted.
  • Pure chocolates are never sweet in taste. They are mainly made of cocoa butter and cocoa solids and do not have any added sugar into it.
  • Milk chocolate, on the other hand, is the one which is full of sweet taste as it has a mix of cocoa solids and too much of condensed milk.
  • Then there is another variety called White chocolate, which does not contain any cocoa solids. In fact, the chocolate connoisseurs do not consider this variety as a part of the chocolate family as it does not contain cocoa.
  • Dark chocolate is a variety which has the least amount of sugar and the highest amount of fat, which is present in a cocoa mixture.
  • Unsweetened chocolates are perfect for baking chocolate cakes as these chocolate liquors have no added sugar and it tastes bitter.

Remember one thing, too much of anything can harm a human body. Too much chocolate consumption can also cause unwanted accumulation of fat in a human body. But the good thing is that a dark chocolate, which has a high amount of cocoa, is actually good for heart. So while sending chocolates by post, do not forget to add dark chocolates into it