4 Unconventional yet Promising Design Career Options for Youth

With increasing emphasis on creativity and innovation across all industries, employers are in search of appropriate candidates who possess a creative bent of mind and an out-of-the-box perspective which can allow them to come up with innovative solutions for intriguing problems. A career in designing can be the right path for youths who want to pursue an offbeat path and yet be successful.

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in design can provide students with an evolved sense of creative ideas, the flexibility to adapt to adverse working conditions and a never-say-die attitude that allows them to persevere. Designing degrees and programmes can also help them portray their uniqueness to the world and enhance the aesthetic value of creation in different spaces like interior decoration or the fashion world.

This blog illustrates four different unconventional yet promising career options that can be pursued with a bachelor’s degree in designing.

Industrial Designers

Industrial designers are responsible for designing and planning public and industrial spaces and buildings such as hospitals, hotels, town centres, offices and shopping complexes. Some industrial designers are also commissioned to overview the designing of industrial plants and factories.

Industrial designers are also hired to improve the value and appearance of industrial products such as a new cell phone model or a car. Hence, they need to consider the ergonomics, usability, and economic viability of the product while finalising the design.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are often considered modern artists as they combine different images, graphics, designs, and even texts to create impressive visuals. The profession requires an intimate understanding of modern sensibility and understanding of art in the 21st century.

Graphic designers are often hired by mainstream and digital marketing companies to communicate the brand message through attractive visuals. Graphic designers are also hired to design company logos, posters and various product designs.

Interior Designers

Just as industrial designers are hired to design public spaces and factories, interior designers are hired to beautify, build or renovate privately owned spaces such as houses or bungalows. As an interior designer, you would be in charge of every aspect of your project from hiring contractors for appliance fittings to purchasing new furniture and customised pieces.

Interior designers are required to have an excellent knowledge of different furniture types, wall colour schemes, colour blocking, flooring and tiling as well as lighting. An additional knowledge of art and sculpture can be a bonus especially while designing hotels or malls.

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are hired to create new fabric or textile masterpieces from different types of raw materials such as fabric, plastic or even bio cellulose material. Some fashion designers move on to specialising in accessorising which involves customising different outfits and accessories for different occasions.

As a fashion designer, you would require an extensive knowledge about different types of fabrics and their properties, sewing, knitting and crocheting as well as the compatibility of different colours.

Apart from these interesting opportunities, you can also explore other designing roles such as architectural designers, landscaping artists, urban planners, art restores, fabric designers and design engineers.

A career in design can provide young people with immense career satisfaction in addition to fame and economic stability. You should opt a B. Design course for a career today to become a famous designer in the future.