We should begin by asking a question what a dissertation is? An answer to which is simple – it is is a final year project which is a form of assessment and is different from other module assessments. The true definition of a dissertation is that it is the evaluation of students’ learning as they take responsibility for what they have learned during their years in college by producing a literature review. Students choose a method of their own liking for undertaking a study, and then they write up collected findings and finally discuss the outcomes in a detailed discussion section. Students can choose how to write a dissertation that is they can select the type on their own.

Generally, an undergraduate degree program thesis is used as a final piece of study especially in humanities or the social sciences field. The degree can also offer other options like an extended essay, or a senior paper, or in some cases an independent learning project.

There are different types of the dissertation but before we throw some light on the different lights, let us guide you quickly through the process of compiling this important document.

There are four steps of writing a paper regardless of the type you have chosen:

  1. The first step is to determine the focus and direction of your work.
  2. Secondly, the entire work should be carried out individually by student – although generally with some tutor support and direction provided by custom dissertation writing services.
  3. The third step typically is to gather substantial research for the project. It requires you to collect the primary data or if you already have the data then analyze the existing/secondary data.
  4. The final step is difficult. It is where students have a prolonged rendezvous with their subject, a much longer time than a student spends coursework assignments like reports or essays. That is why it is a much more in-depth study of a particular subject.

The steps mentioned above, however, are not usually met without dissertation writing help as the document requires in-depth logical research not just the accumulation of random irrelevant facts. Compiling this key document is a complex task with drawing together issues on the chosen subject’s theory, pouring light on method and methodology on the chosen topic. Once you are able to successfully accomplish this integration, then you have produced both methodologically and conceptually high quality work.

To write your dissertation, you can take either a practical approach or a theoretical one, even though both are equally important in social science research. Examiner usually expects largely theoretical or practical approach if you are in an undergraduate program.

Types of dissertations:

There are 3 main types of thesis depending on the topic you have chosen for your research. Below are the different ways of approaching each type:


For writing an empirical type you need to collect a lot of data. If your topic is GP surgery or police service, or children in some refugee center, you will have to go and interview all these yourself. You will be required to audiotape their interviews and later write them in text and see which answers the best support your stance. This is a tough procedure and custom dissertation writing services could help you create your academic document that meets the required criteria. Another way is to distribute questionnaires or observe them in interviews and focus groups.

In addition to the above-mentioned procedures, you can collect your data by analyzing existing data, viewing new angles, making undiscovered comparisons or even creating interesting parallels


The second type requires you to sustain an argument over throughout the entire length of your thesis is in itself a very challenging task. It will require you to spend a lot of time in the library, going through relevant books reading about your argument and evidence supporting and then thinking and discussing theory, this kind of approach is the right choice for most students. The right dissertation writing services can help you with completing your task as you may not be able to do all the research on your own.

If you think that you may not be able to go to the library that much or choose not to get dissertation writing help, then you should stick to empirical research type.


Most students choose empirical or non empirical approaches. However, there are other disciplines and methods of producing an A grade paper.

This kind of detailed manuscript may be based on a laboratory report describing all possible aspects of conception, implementation and analyzing a complex experiment.

How much is it worth?

Regardless of the type of the thesis or the fact that you score credit points based on your manuscript, this task is worth a lot more than that. It is an ultimate opportunity for inventiveness and academic plus intellectual independence. You may have written essays in your college but how to write a dissertation teaches you to create something that you can own with your own tile, unlike your essay which had your tutor’s titles. Writing a detailed document allows you to be independent both as a reader and as a critic, so you can literally critique your own work as you are creating it.