Tricks to Breathe New Life into Your Home

House redecoration is a normal and exciting thing we do when you have your own place. They say that home is where the heart is so it is okay to take the pleasure to rearrange our place the way we feel best for feelings. Buying a few furniture once in a while is a good idea especially if this will add more satisfaction and happiness to the mood of our house

In the challenge to breathe new life into the home, many homeowners tend to overlook many simple changes they can make in their abode. Today, we have listed some of the simple tricks you can make help breathe new life into your house.

Brighten Up

Changing the lighting in your house is one of the simplest adjustments you can do to add vibrancy and elegance in your house. It is not expensive and does not require assistance as you can do it on your own. Lighting perhaps is one of the most underrated interior features, but if utilized properly, it could make a bold impact on how your entire house looks

If you’re planning to make some changes in your home decors to add more life into it but you are on a tight budget at the same time, lighting retrofit is the right one for you. This is the process of merely replacing the lighting components of your lighting fixture such as the light bulb and other self-contained drivers. This will not cost you a fortune, but it will definitely increase the illumination in your house

Making sure that your house does not only rely on a single light source is a good measurement that you’re making the most of the potentials of your lighting system. It is also wise to maximize the natural lights that comes into your home by intelligently using mirror treatments; mirrors create a feeling of space and intensifies the natural light in your house. To get the best home experience, buy furniture and other furnishing features light in texture and colour that matches well with reflective surfaces and spend some dime on light accent fabrics and throw pillows to brighten up your home

Indeed, having a proper lighting system in place gives a noticeable pleasant effect into your house instantly as it intensifies vibrancy of colours, the ambience and comfort of each area.

Invigorate Your Home with Soothing Scen

The soothing scent that welcomes you when you enter your house is proven to have a great impact on human’s mood and brain activity. Next to a proper lighting system, the use of various home perfumes or fragrances is also a simple way to freshen up your home

Many interior designers consider home fragrance as essential in home design. Aromatherapy creates a calming effect in the ambience of the house and also eradicates airborne bacteria which promotes good health, improves sleep and boosts energy.

If you’re considering incorporating aromatherapy in your house, make sure to use sweet fragrance like vanilla based scent to make a comfortable atmosphere. Avoid using strong scent in your entrance as you want it to be inviting and calming for this is the scent that welcomes you every day. As for your kitchen and dining area, use citrus perfume oils to banish food smells in the area and install a  UV Air Sanitizer in your bathroom get rid of nasty odour and to eliminate odour-causing bacteria

Buy Online

When it comes to redecorating our house, it is really important to put so much effort in selecting the furniture we put in our house. We have to make sure that we are not just maximizing the space we have but we also have to take into account the budget we have for this project. However, putting so much effort does not mean putting all our hours doing the shopping. Most of the time, it means putting effort wisely

With the advent of technology, everything is so fast now and the things we tend to do for several hours before could only take us less than an hour or so today. For instance, one-click buying is cropping up everywhere and homeowners could not be more happy about this development

Most furniture shops such as All 4 Furnishings have their own websites these days where you can shop and place your order without the inconvenience of waiting in long lines. Shopping and buying online is one of the greatest ways to make sure that you’re sticking to your budget without compromising the style you imagine for your house. It promises real-time and hassle-free shopping experience!

Buy Discounted Furniture

Redecorating your house does not have to empty your bank account. One of the oldie but goodie rules is to spend money on inexpensive furniture or discounted items but guarantees good quality at the same time. Before buying anything for your home, make sure to check your attic or basement for anything useful for home decor.

Always be patient when shopping for the right furniture and know that it could take some time and effort to find the furnishing features best in your house that are within your budget.


Breathing a new life into your home does not require plenty of money or time. More often than not, you just have to trust your senses and let it indulge with the sophisticated and colourful decorating schemes, creative accessories and pleasant fragrances you make in your house. There is nothing wrong with that as the main considerations you only have to take into account is the impact of these changes in your mood and mental state.