Top E-Learning App to Use to Enhance Your Formal and Informal Skills Right Away!

Learning through a smartphone or tablet has become more comfortable- with dedicated mobile applications delivering excellent results. The Elearning apps of today are availing the best learning experience for learners of every age. Whether it’s technology or art, these applications offer excellent services for each kind of user and that too, sometimes, free! And it has led the entire Elearning industry to earn more revenues from learners subscribing to different Elearning courses.

List of Best Elearning Applications and Tools

The changing trends in the education industry have influenced the popularity of Elearning courses. With the mobile applications put in place, offering online courses to learners has become easier than ever. Choosing the right platform that helps gain knowledge of each topic thoroughly becomes essential, and following the best practices, the implementation of these learned concepts becomes more comfortable than ever.

#1. Udemy

Fees Structure: Free/ Costs Vary Per Course

The overall experience provided through this app is excellent. Udemy application works on course structure, and the courses range from art and skill learning to in-depth technological knowledge. A user can find an introductory cooking course and also high-level data management and AI introductory courses. The courses that offer basic knowledge and preliminary information are free, while for in-depth knowledge, the courses are made paid. Every course includes videos that help a user gain visual knowledge and understand every concept better.

#2. Amazon Kindle

Fees Structure: Free/ Costs Vary Per Book

If a user likes old school approaches, Amazon Kindle offers the best experience. Following the traditional learning methods, Amazon Kindle offers books to be downloaded and read online and hence enables the paperless reading experience. This platform includes every kind of book, starting from self-help books and how-to books to even novels and technical guides. These books can be stored offline, and that doesn’t take up any space on the device. The competitors of Amazon Kindle are Google Play Books, Nook by Barnes & Noble, which are excellent options to switch to.

#3. Duolingo

Fees Structure: Free/ $9.99 per month and the discounted price of $95.99 per year (if paid yearly)

When learners are always hungry for more knowledge, why keep them away from learning different languages? A dedicated platform for learning 30+ languages efficiently, Duolingo is a delight to use. Adapting to the concept of gamification of learning tasks helps the learner understand the language in mini chunks by games that have been designed specifically for learning purposes. According to app developers, 34 hours of learning on this app is equivalent to one semester of school learning. This app can be used by every age group, and no advertisements are posted over it.

#4. Coursera

Fees Structure: Free/Costs Vary Per Class

It includes various courses and online courses to take. Each enlightens the users with new topics and new concepts. It includes classes for math, science, and technology stuff, including art and music also. Coursera is an entire package if you are looking forward to a complete education platform that pays out in the form of providing excellent knowledge over every topic. Since Elearning has become popular among businesses, Coursera is worth checking out for every learner looking forward to an excellent learning experience.

#5. AppyPie

Fees Structure: Free/ Costs Vary Per Requirements of Users

Users looking forward to crafting their own mobile applications can use this platform to craft their own apps without needing to write even a single line of code. AppyPie facilitates drag-and-drop features to add more functionalities to the app solution a user is building and includes support for every kind of app. The range of apps is vast as it starts from small business apps to music streaming apps like spotify clone, restaurant app builder, and more. Building an app is free as they offer a free trial before and later offer different plans to choose from to keep the app running in the market. The option of building and availing a white label app through this platform is also available.

#7. Khan Academy

Fees Structure: Free

Khan academy app creators believe in providing knowledge for free. The courses made available over this app are completely free to subscribe to. However, the app focuses on traditional approaches, as particular subjects are being taught like math, science, and more. This differentiates the app from other app solutions like Coursera, Udemy, and more. These courses can be used for brushing up old concepts, and they efficiently teach everything, including basics, and advanced with making the courses of optimum length. This is a budget app as there are no hidden costs, and everything is made available for free.

#8. LinkedIn Learning

Fees Structure: Free

Users looking forward to learning job skills can use LinkedIn learning as the interface is kept very simple and includes courses that help the most on the work front. Most of the courses focus on improving office skills, creative skills, and more. If a user is looking forward to art-based courses, like cooking classes, or instrumental knowledge, this platform is not for them.

#9. SoloLearn

Fees Structure: Free/ $4.99 Per Month/ $45.99 Per Year

SoloLearn offers excellent support for technical learning by teaching programming languages with interactive exercises, practice problems, and more. They include tutorials for basic languages like HTML, C++, Java, and range up to Python also. Learning each language is made easy with a dedicated app for each programming language. The graduation of it is more complex but eventually, the learning pace increases, and including excellent support for teaching, this app solution offers excellent services to each user.


While the Elearning industry is estimated to earn $325 Billion by 2025, the use of such excellent mobile application development solutions has increased. Facilitating the ease of availability, the optimum length of a course, excellent knowledge delivery, use of interactive mediums like videos and games, Elearning courses are stepping on the way to becoming a more permanent solution while efficiently replacing the traditional teaching merits.

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