Makeup has become a necessity today and we strive to look perfect every day. Makeup products like primer, foundations, concealers, blushers and compact powder could help you set your face makeup. Here we are going to talk about 3 Best compact Powders from Clamy Cosmetics.

The compact powder which is also known as the pressed powder is the application that evens out the skin tone and holds the makeup for a longer time. The 3 Best Compact Powders from Clamy Cosmetics are the following.

  • Compact Single
  • 2 in 1 Tridimensional Oil Control Compact
  • Oil Control Square Compact

#1. Compact Single:

Single compact2Clamy Single Compact is the perfect small compact with a transparent attractive circular glass box. It consists of 10gm powder cake and is available in 4 different colours. The textures have a perfect oil control and a smoothness.

It is formulated to be a lightweight application on skin that helps our skin to breath and also sustain a long working day which makes it more preferable. It is benefited with ingredients like mint that controls oil pore secretion and prevents acne. It compels in creating a protective layer that could sustain in different environmental conditions. All the 4 colours are bright and exciting which makes it more of party wear. You should prefer this on your long term makeup to sustain for long and have the best look.

#2. 2 in 1 Tridimensional Oil Control Compact:

2 in 1 compactClamy Tridimensional Oil Control 2 in 1 Compact which has product code CY-CP402 is another compact with the perfection that has 2 different layers of powder. The natural touch in it tends to provide perfect texture. It has a sponge as usual soft to be gentle on the skin with a mirror inside the box.

This compact creates a thick layer to avoid fading. It also helps in concealing the skin. The formulation tends to give a healthy and fresh makeup look for a longer period. You should prefer 2 in 1 compact for your travel bag component.

#3. Oil Control Square Compact:

Oil control compactOil Control Square Compact is a combination of both above. It is formalized in such a way that it helps absorb oil and covers the pores while balancing the complexion. The compact is a travel-friendly box that includes a layer of powder cake, sponge and mirror which makes it perfect.

The square compact is suitable for every skin type rather be oily or dry. It is available in 3 different classy colours named Apricot, Almond and Melon. Comparatively, if you don’t want dual-tone this could be best for your travel bag pack.


These 3 are of my most preferred Clamy Cosmetics Compacts which you should definitely try for once. If you want a mixed complexion on the skin you should prefer 2 in 1 rather in case of single smooth texture single compact or oil square compact.

Hope this article was helpful. Also, let me know in comments your favourite compact powders and keep following Meet RV for more such awesome content.