Ecommerce Development Companies

Around 90% of startup businesses fail every year and eCommerce is no exception. Being an eCommerce retailer, you should be cautious about your e-store and make strategies accordingly to succeed in your online venture. To convert your online store into a memorable shopping experience, you have to hire developers in India to build an affordable and organized store online.

And for the best online shopping solution, you need research. But, I’m done with all these things already to help out my service seekers. Here, you will find the names of top 10 eCommerce development companies for 2021. These firms have employed the skilful plus experienced developers who know well to develop a market-friendly eCommerce store.

So, now let’s get started with the names of Top 10 eCommerce Development Companies.

#1. PixelCrayons

PixelCrayonsPixelCrayons is a top eCommerce development company in India with offices in the USA. The company is known for developing best-in-class plus market-ready eCommerce websites for its clients.

They are working with a team of 500+ professionals and deploy best practices to provide secure and user-friendly eCommerce sites for the mobile-first world.  In their 16+ years of experience, they have successfully delivered 13800+ eCommerce websites to startups, SMEs and large enterprises.

Founded: 2004

Hourly Rates: $15/hr – $18/hr

Team Size: 400- 500

Location: India, United States


#2. ValueCoders

ValueCodersValueCoders builds an interactive, robust, plus user-friendly multi-vendor e-commerce store. With it, you can sell ​​products worldwide and boost revenues up to 10 times with your e-store.

Their dedicated team of eCommerce experts support industries to build a customer-centric eStores and improve user experience with advanced technologies, omnichannel presence, plus customised solutions.

Founded: 2002

Hourly Rates: $18/hr – $20/hr

Team Size: 400- 500

Location: India, United States


#3. Commerce Pundit

Commerce PunditCommerce Pundit is a US-based company that uses stellar strategies to develop the best eCommerce sites. They create user-friendly eCommerce designs which are highly efficient, plus responsive.

The eCommerce developers here leverages new technologies to make the sites competitive and let the client’s brand stand out in the market. With them, you’ll be assured to get an efficient eCommerce website with no functional complexities.

Founded: 2002

Hourly Rates: $18/hr – $20/hr

Team Size: 400- 500

Location: India, United States


#4. Orange Interactive Technology

Orange Interactive TechnologyOrange Interactive company employed a  team of creative technologists, to hire best ecommerce developers. They work by understanding client requirements and identify what drives their business, and made the customers interact with their brands. Also, they develop excellent plus customised software solutions, Android & iOS mobile applications

Founded– 2002

Team Size– 10-50

Price– $25–49/hr

Location– Dubai


#5. Apptread

ApptreadApptread is an eCommerce development leader that has worked for the top brands and reinvented their sites with a result-oriented approach. They aim to deliver quality end products and solutions that show their profound eCommerce development skills plus advanced design esthetics.

Their eCommerce development team genuinely believe in the long term client partnership that’s the reason being their results always exceed the client’s expectation.

Founded: 2011

Hourly Rates: $50/hr – $99/hr

Team Size: 50 – 249

Location: India, United States


#6. Iflexion

IflexionIflexion is one of the reputed eCommerce development companies known for optimising their business operations with a result-oriented approach. They are working with a team of 850+ IT professionals, who deal globally despite their geographical location, industrial specifics or operation domain.

Their successfully developed websites are proof of their profound expertise in rendering full-cycle custom eCommerce development services. They have shaped their technical knowledge by their constant hands-on experience in working on different types of projects.

Founded: 1999

Hourly Rates: $25/hr – $49/hr

Team Size: 250 – 999

Location: United States, United Kingdom


#7. IndiaNIC

IndiaNIC is a leading eCommerce development company in India with branches in Australia and the USA. They have served many clients and delivered many eCommerce websites successfully. The company is working with a large pool of eCommerce developers available for dedicated and fixed time/cost projects.

Their developers hold demonstrated expertise in trending technologies such as Laravel, PHP, Magento, ReactJS, AngularJS and Node.js to build custom & responsive websites.

Founded: 1997

Hourly Rates: < $25/hr

Team Size: 250-999

Location: India, United States, Australia


#8. Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto is the most renowned eCommerce development company in the USA with branches in 5+countries. The company is highly competent in building market-ready eCommerce websites. With their decade of experience, they have worked for numerous small, mid-market, and enterprise. Their services also include digital marketing,  web and mobile applications development services.

Founded: 2009

Hourly Rates:– $25/hr-$49/hr

Team Size: 50-249

Location: India, NYC, United States, Bahrain, Australia, & Ireland.


#9. Unified Infotech

Unified Infotech is an award-winning eCommerce development firm that works for global Enterprises, SMEs and Startups. They provide customised eCommerce solutions that help the clients in increasing their revenues by two times. With their outstanding combination of smart planning, designing approach, and advanced technologies allow clients to expedite their business efficiency.

Founded: 2010

Hourly Rates: $25 – $49/hr

Team Size: 50 – 249

Location: United States, India


#10. Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions is ranked among the top-most eCommerce development companies in India. They are considered as the best choice for developing a user-friendly plus secure eCommerce website. It offers multiple vendor stores, marketing strategies with a  real-time touch, convenient admin base and many more facilities are provided.

The company is known for delivering customised plus unique business solutions with new and advanced techniques.

Founded: 2003

Hourly Rates: <$25

Team Size: 100 – 250

Location: United States, India


Concluding Thoughts

Before you hire opencart developers in India , studying this comprehensive list will help you in making the right decision. These top 10 E-Commerce development companies deliver the best eCommerce solutions to their clients.

Though, all the names discussed above are based on my research and top business listing sites. But if you want to suggest any other name except these, then let me know their names in the comment section, and it’s always been great to hear from you.