Tips to Increase Your Stamina for a Football Match

Football is one of the 5 major sports of America. In fact, 37% U.S. adults have picked it as their favorite. No wonder the National Football League (NFL) saw an increase in revenue from about $6 billion in 2004 to over $14 billion in 2018, according to figures released by Statista. Admittedly it is quite a loved and historically appealing sport with high defensive excitement. Even the smallest mistake in dribbling could be a difference between a win and a loss.

So, to be a top-notch player, one has to be mindful of several factors; stamina being the most important one. Otherwise, it becomes extremely exhausting to run around the field for 90 minutes. One powerful way to stay energetic is to offer good support to your knees. You can pick non-slip football knee brace with 4-way support design to increase blood flow and enhance performance, available on Aidfull website.

Pick the ones that are lightweight and have smooth edges for a extra comfort. Besides best football knee braces, here are a few other ways to keep you going tirelessly during a match.

High Energy Food 

When it comes to increasing your stamina naturally, brown rice, banana, coffee, eggs and fish can work wonders, according to an article by HealthifyMe. They can increase the coordination and activation of the muscles fibers. Consider cutting down on alcohol and friend food since you might start feeling lethargic after consumption. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water too to fight fatigue and replenish your energy-quotient.

Enough Rest 

Studies have found that sleep can spike up your ATP levels in the key brain regions that are to stay active during your waking hours, according to an article by Harvard Health Publishing. ATP or the Adenosine Triphosphate is the body’s energy source for storage and usage at the cellular level. It must be refueled to keep the muscles in a proper functioning order.

Face Paced Activities

Explosive-type exercises like polymetrics and jump training are excellent to include in your training since they require a burst of energy and can challenge your strength and stamina, according to an article by Pitcher Hero. Jumps, one-leg hops and squats are great for increasing your endurance. In fact, you can also try burpees and box jumps. Make sure to wear high-quality knee braces for football to avoid muscle pulls and injuries.

Push Your Limits 

It is important to increase your workload bit by bit. Try to increase the duration of the training sessions at the gym every few days. This will slowly open up your body and help you stay longer in the field. In fact, running, jogging or cycling at a consistent pace and distance everyday will not have an impact. Therefore, try to ramp up your speed and mix sprinting and running. Consider one extra lap or an extra mile daily along with proper protection with shoulder, wrist & ankle brace for football to see a difference.

Besides these, stretch regularly, switch to a new routine after every 2 weeks and be patient with your progress. Further, get your hands on the best knee braces for football to keep them safe from friction and impact.