BBQ Restaurant

There is nothing more delectable, more mouth-watering than an excellently grilled barbecue. Barbecue is not just something you consume for sustenance, but a meal that must be savored and enjoyed. And add to that the fact that the combination of charcoal, meat, and fire is just too good to resist. Everything tastes better grilled as people often say, and as far as grilled food goes, you can never go wrong with Brooklyn barbecue.

Unlike the traditional Kansas City or Texas style barbecue, the Brooklyn barbecue is more sophisticated and free, blending together a mixture of every style without the restrictions of a traditional recipe. The Brooklyn barbecue is easily taking the world by storm, with more and more BBQ joints opening by the second. That said, finding the best Brooklyn BBQ restaurant in town may prove to be quite the hassle. Thankfully, there are ways to make your search less taxing:

#1. Choose an Easy-to-Access Location

Whether you’re out with friends and wishing to enjoy a great time together, or are just simply craving for Brooklyn barbecue, the location of the restaurant should always matter. Go for a restaurant where driving isn’t a hassle and you can simply walk around when the need arises. Distance shouldn’t be an issue if the location of the restaurant is ideal for driving, or when it provides access to an easy cab ride.

To easily locate a restaurant and familiarize yourself with its surrounding areas, first check whether it has a website. Restaurants like Dinosaur Bar-B-Que operate in several locations, and its Brooklyn branch can be accessed via its website through There, you will find information about its location, as well as its opening and closing hours, making it easier for you to schedule your visit or plan how you can get there.

#2. Determine the Price

Food should be priced accordingly. You don’t have to sacrifice taste or quality for a cheaper meal. Instead, the price should be suitable to the taste and quality of the food being served. It doesn’t matter if you’re out solo or with a group of people—what matters is that you get a meal that you think is worth paying the price for.

Think about this: would you be willing to pay $30 for an average-tasting meal when you can find other places that serve better ones for the same price?

To find out more about a restaurant’s prices, you can, once more, check this online, either through its official website or even through food blogs that wrote reviews about said restaurant as they typically include the menu and prices in their post. This way, you’ll know if a particular restaurant is within your budget, as well as what to expect when you actually visit the establishment.

#3. Check Online Reviews

A great way to know a restaurant is to ask for recommendations. If you don’t have time to do any physical legwork, you can simply go online and research. Online reviews are a good source of information as they come directly from the first-hand experiences of actual customers. Read as many reviews as you can and see both the good and bad sides of a restaurant.

Social media is definitely one of the biggest platforms for businesses today, and it is highly likely that a restaurant would have a page devoted to its name where a dedicated section for customer reviews can be found. Other than looking through customer feedback, you can also check the comments section to see if the restaurant replies to queries from their customers. All these can give you an idea of the kind of customer service a particular restaurant offers.

#4. Consider the Barbecue You Want

Never forget the actual reason why you’re looking for a Brooklyn barbecue restaurant. Since there are so many barbecue joints out there all claiming to be the best, you would need to know what to actually look for in a barbecue. The word “best” is oftentimes subject to your own taste which is why you should take into account your own preferences when looking for a barbecue restaurant.

There are many things to consider: dry-rubbed or wet ribs, machine or hand-chopped pork, or whether or not a brisket is cooked properly as evidence by a slight elasticity. Are the ends burnt enough? Do you want sauce all over your face after taking a bite? Truly, there are many things to consider but the best always depends on your choices.

#5. Immerse Yourself

Lastly, the best way to actually know a restaurant is to check it out yourself. Walk around! By immersing yourself in a restaurant and experiencing it first-hand, you’d be able to get a good understanding of its culture, ambiance, convenience, and, most especially, its food. With this, you would have to make the effort and devote time to actually visit a restaurant and try the food there. Only by going around town yourself can you truly know which ones are most suited to your tastes.


Finding the best Brooklyn BBQ restaurant in town may not be as easy as you might think. But if you consider the points mentioned above, then you’re on the right track. The best barbecue joints today aren’t hidden gems and it only takes a few clicks to find a couple of good ones for you to choose from. Check the reviews and, more importantly, check out the menu. To know a restaurant is to know what they serve, since the food is, after all, the heart of every food establishment out there.