Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

Every year, thousands of people become victims of pedestrian accidents, with some of them even succumbing to death.

According to the National Safety Council, the number of US pedestrians killed in traffic jumped by about 6% in 2016. As such, it would make sense to take extra precautions while walking down the road. And in this post, we look at a few tips you should follow when you decide to go out for a walk.

Crossing Roads 

When trying to cross a road, always remember to check both sides before crossing. Even if the traffic signal shows the ‘walk’ sign, don’t just assume that there will be no vehicles coming your way.  You never know when a rash driver might get an idea to break off the rules and sped down the road even though the traffic sign indicates the vehicles to stop. Ideally, check one side first, then the opposite side, and finally the first side once again. This should be good enough to ensure that the road is safe for crossing.

No Phones Or Headsets 

Many people have a tendency to walk on the road while talking to their phones. There are also some who put on their headsets and play music, remaining completely oblivious to their surroundings. Both these are very irresponsible things to do while walking on a road. When you walk, your mind is constantly picking up information from the surroundings and will always be alert if there is an imminent danger, like an oncoming car. In contrast, when you talk on your phone or are listening to music on the headset, your mind is completely occupied. As such, it won’t be able to receive any signals from the environment, even if a car is approaching you dangerously at a high speed. So, put away your phone and headsets.

Use The Sidewalk 

If there is a sidewalk along a road, then use it. Many people tend to avoid the sidewalk and prefer to walk right on the road, increasing the chances of pedestrian hazards. This is a very unreasonable action. After all, if you can remain perfectly safe by walking on the sidewalk, why would you risk yourself by walking on the road? And if you have children, teach them to use the sidewalk whenever they can. If you train the kids to do so, then they are more likely adhere to it and avoid any accidents.


Always ensure that you are visible to the drivers of the oncoming vehicles. If they are unable to see you, then the chances of an accident will increase dramatically. For example, suppose that you are planning to cross a road, and there is a large truck by the side of it. Now, if you try to cross while walking from the front side of the truck, then the oncoming vehicle will be taken by surprise when they see you suddenly appear in front of them. You have to keep in mind that the driver’s view of you is blocked out by the truck.  As such, you should always look out walk with caution when you move away from the front of the truck and give time for the oncoming vehicles to see you.

Parked Vehicles

Be extra cautious when you are about to walk past a parked vehicle. Many a time, the vehicle can actually have a driver inside who is looking to start the engine. And if the car suddenly moves back while you are walking by, then it can hit you and cause injuries. In the worst case scenario, the car can even run over you if the driver takes a rash move backward. So, be extra vigilant and check if the driver is inside a parked vehicle before you try to walk past it.

Night Time

When walking during nights, it is recommended that you wear some reflective clothing. As such, when an oncoming vehicle sees the reflected light off your dress, then they will slow down the car and avoid an accident. Now, if you don’t have any reflective clothing, then you should at least gave a flashlight with you so that the drivers can see the flicker of light in your hands and know that there is a person nearby.

When Drunk 

Never try to walk to any place when you are drunk. And since people usually drink in the nights, this advice becomes even more important. The combination of low nighttime visibility and intoxication can easily lead a person to walk astray on the road, numbing their sense of danger. This obviously can lead to accidents. So, if you think you are drunk, then call a cab to take you home. And if you have a friend who is drunk and is unwilling to call a cab, then the best thing you can do is to assist them until they reach home.

Stick with the above suggestions, and you should be able to avoid most of the dangerous situations that can occur when walking on a road. However, if you do end up in an accident and get injured, then check with a good personal injury lawyer as to how to can receive compensation for the injuries.