Motivate Your Employees with Travel Incentives and get Better ROI in the Process

You naturally want the best performance of your employees so that your business can flourish. If they are not motivated enough to perform, productivity will wane, and the overall performance of the company will suffer. When the morale of one of their fellow employees falls, other employees may start to follow suit. This is because their performance as a team will start to decline and affect their spirits negatively. Soon enough, if the employee is not motivated, either through a raise or other cash based incentives, they may eventually quit.

However, cash incentives don’t always work well as not having a higher sense of self and job satisfaction may be the problem for the employee. Maybe some other incentives apart from money can help the employee feel more motivated. One of these non-cash incentives is that of travelling. Studies have found that productivity increases by up to 18% and increases ROI by up to 112% when an organisation has a robust travel incentive plan in place. But how do you make employees happy whilst getting ROI through travel incentives?

A Chance to Experience Something Different

Raises and cash incentives can only take the employee so far. They could either pay off their utilities or loans on their credit cards, but that’s about it. When they are incentivised to travel, they’re getting the opportunity to experience something new and make memories and have fun above all. The experience alone will keep them motivated to work to earn such an opportunity again.

They’ll Feel Well Rested and Motivated to Perform

Overworked employees are miserable and it shows. Above all, their productivity goes downhill fast and there’s nothing they can consciously do about it. That makes them less productive over time; their skills may even erode if they’re not given a break. A travel incentive may offer that much needed break so that they can come back well rested and energized to bring in higher productivity with themselves.