Tips on How to Write A Best Man Speech

Looking for tips on how to write the best man speech! You have come to the right spot!

It is definitely an honor to be chosen as the number one man in the bridal party. However, along with this honor comes responsibility. If you are looking for some best man speech tips, we can definitely help!

First of all you should write the best man speech outline. This will help give you some idea as to where the speech is headed. As well, you will need to decide the tone of the speech.

Read on to find out some of our helpful best man speech examples and tips!

How to Write A Best Man Speech

Following are some tips and best man speech ideas to help prepare you to write the best speech ever given by the best man!

Simple Tips for Your Best Man Speech

  1. Keep it short and simple. The average length for the best man speech is 5 minutes.
  2. Keep it positive and upbeat.
  3. Don’t read the speech word for word. Use cue cards with a few key phrases to help you keep on track
  4. Rehearse prior to the big day. Practice in front of a mirror, record yourself or have someone else critique your speech.
  5. Don’t forget to thank the host (ie: bride’s parents, etc)
  6. Focus on the groom, but compliment the bride.
  7. End with a toast to the happy couple.

What Topics to Avoid in Your Best Man Speech

  1. Never bring up any past relationships.
  2. Do not make crude jokes.
  3. Direct your jokes toward the groom, not the bride.
  4. Do not get drunk before giving the speech.
  5. Do not say anything negative about the bride, groom, their families or marriage in general.

Serious Best Man Speech Example

“Good evening everyone. My name is _____ and I have known _____ since we were 10. We met at camp when we discovered we both really hated camping. And that summer turned into 15 years of the best friendship I have ever known. I always knew ___ would be in my life. We roomed together in college and planned to be bachelors together until our fifties.

And then ____ met ____ and all of that changed. From the moment he met her, she became his entire world. But he never forgot about our friendship. Every Thursday was Guy’s Night and I have to give ___ credit, she never once tried to tag along.

_____ was there for me for my first heartbreak and when I crashed my parent’s car. But he was there for all the good times as well. He has showed me that no matter what happens, his friends are always an important part of his life. And I know that he will carry that love into his marriage to ____.”  *Raises glass* ”To ___ and ___, I wish you many years of happiness and my heartfelt thanks to ____ for hosting this gorgeous wedding.”

Humorous Best Man Speech Example

“Most of you know me as ______’s little brother. I can tell you stories about ____ that will make you blush. But we’re not here today to embarrass ___. Let him get a few drinks in him, and he’ll embarrass himself! All joking aside, ____ is the best brother anyone could ever ask for. And ____ is not only a beautiful bride, but she is the best thing to happen to ___, next to me of course! I wish the two of you a life of love and laughter!”

We hope these tips on how to write a best man’s speech will help ease your nerves and give you some inspiration!