Designing A Work Uniform For Your Kitchen Crew

If you are opening a new kitchen, or just looking to update your kitchen work wear, you can get some fresh ideas for uniforms on various references online which are not just the traditional whites that we all know. However, it is more important that your work uniforms are practical, rather than looking awesome, so you will need to do a bit of creative thinking to come up with a winning design and achieve both! Here are some of the clothing that you will need to consider for your new kitchen uniforms;

Trousers In The Kitchen

No matter what sex your workers are, all employees should wear trousers in the kitchen as part of their uniform. The pants will help to protect the legs in case anything is spilt while working. There are many different types of chef trousers and pants for sale coming in an array of different colours and materials from which you can choose.

Long Sleeve Jackets

Although a kitchen is a hot environment to work in, you should also ensure that all of your workers have a chef’s jacket with long sleeves. The long sleeves will also help to protect the arms from any spillages and also steam, and most jackets are double breasted to offer an additional layer of material in case you spill anything down your front.

Include An Apron

As there are always hot items in a working kitchen, you will also want to provide workers with an apron, which will give them an additional layer of protection down their front. An apron can also save the jacket and trousers from getting as dirty, and if a member of staff needs to go to the front of the house, they can remove this with ease and remain presentable looking.

A Cool Looking Hat

There are many different traditional styles of chef hats around the world, and they play an important part in the kitchen. When you wear a hat, cap, or hairnet, you help to prevent your food from becoming contaminated with hair, which can be an unpleasant experience for diners when finding hair in their meal. Provide headwear for employees to help keep their hair out of their eyes, and also out of the food!

A Good Pair Of Shoes

Although you may not supply shoes to your workers for their uniform, it is important that all kitchen staff wear a good pair of shoes while working. They will want to have a sturdy pair of shoes that will give them a good level of grip, as well as protection in case anything should fall such as equipment, including sharp knives. Workers will be on their feet for most of the day, so it is also important that the shoes that they wear are comfortable to b worn for extended periods of time.

Gloves For Your Hands

There are also gloves that you will need to supply for the kitchen such as oven gloves, allowing workers to pick up hot items, and also vinyl gloves. These types of gloves can be used when working with ingredients that may be irritating such as chillies.

There is an abundance of choices available in different coloured materials, styles, colours and also prices, so you will need to decide what will suit your kitchen. Ask your workers for their opinions and choose a uniform that is both practical, and makes your kitchen staff look like they work in a Michelin Star restaurant!