How to Make a Room Look Bigger

Want more space, but can’t afford it?

No problems. You don’t have to rent out a new apartment. Nor do you need to expand your home’s rooms.

With a few “optical illusions” you can get low space, at minimal costs!

We’ll mention those below. We’ll give you 5 tips on expanding a room’s size!

#1 – White Walls ONLY

Don’t color your walls. And avoid anything dark.

You see, white is an expansive color. It’s what you use to make objects look bigger and better…

That’s a known fact in the aesthetics world. And it’s applied thoroughly in fashion and furniture designs.

However, there’s another reason to keep your walls white. And that is…

#2 – Use Black (Or Very Dark Shades) as Furniture

Black and white contrast well.

A white-walled room looks expansive. And black furniture gives the illusion of space-saving.

So you get to stack their effects.

Also, add to that the cleaning advantages of dark furniture. That is, they don’t show stains, wear, and tear easily.

So you get a larger room that’s maintainable over time!

#3 – Use Short Furniture

Color isn’t enough. Height matters too.

Something tall attracts your vision. It restricts your focus. And in turn, you feel that the place around you is smaller…

This applies even to tall (but thin) objects.

What to Do.

Basically, only get tall furniture if it’s “wall furniture.” And make sure it isn’t bulky.

For example, your kitchen cabinets are wall furniture. The same applies to your bathroom storage, and your TV stand.

Anything else risks shrinking your room size.

But There is “Necessary” Bulky Furniture…

We understand. There are items like wardrobes and fridges that you need around.

And that’s what the next tip is for!

#4 – Use Wall Storage

Wall Storage

Got a large wardrobe, and no dressing room?

If so, dig up a spot in your wall,  put your wardrobe in there. And voila!

Your wardrobe is now unnoticeable. It is literally part of your room.

Or how about a fridge? You can do the same with one, and in your kitchen.

The same applies to short but bulky items. For example, you have ovens, washing machines, dryers, water heaters, etc.

Just hide them in a wall. It’s effective, and it gives you more space!

#5 – Add More Lighting

If your room allows sunlight in, then make a large window for it.

You see, lighting is another optical illusion. The more lighting you have, the large the room looks.

Here’s a Test You Can Do.

Walk into a bedroom. Close the lights, and only keep a lamp on.

You’ll feel it getting cozier. It’s a subconscious reaction that we all have, especially close to bed time.

And that’s for a few reasons. First, a darker room reduces your field of vision. 

Thus, some objects don’t look like they’re part of the room anymore.

Then there’s the darkening effect we mentioned. Darker colors (and lights) look more restrictive.

Basically, just add lots of lighting. If you can do it with sunlight, then go ahead. And if you can’t, add more ceiling lamps to your room.

Bonus Tip – Use Mirrors

When your look at a mirror, you don’t just see your reflection. You see a reflection of your room too.

Now imagine if you had mirrors all over the room. Imagine if you had mirrors all over your bathroom walls…

You’d feel like you’re in a totally different home.

You can give this strategy a try. But for that, you’ll need a mirror cut to size, just for your home walls.

You’ll also need a specialist to make them.

For that, try Cut My Plastic. They supply all kinds of custom mirror jobs. And they’re the specialists you need!