Tips For Drivers That Just Passed Driving Test

Driver’s License

Passing your Learner’s or Provisional License is an important milestone in life, it is essentially the first step to adulthood for many. However plenty of people do not pass for the first time, so do not fret. 

But what happens after you pass the test? Acquiring a driver’s license is a privilege that should not be taken for granted, there are responsibilities attached. 

In addition to the road rules, and making sure that your license is on you at all times and that the plates are clearly visible, there are many other factors and responsibility to uphold. And with all that, becoming independent is an exciting process which would probably make the first drive quite terrifying. But this happens to everyone, with all this extra responsibility and freedom it would only get better after a couple of weeks. 

Safer Driving

This isn’t simply about the stopping, turning, accelerating, and parking anymore, this should be a fundamental. Constant awareness of your surroundings is essential, for lane discipline, adverse weather driving, or even driving at night. Do you know the car well? Is the car front-wheel drive, rear or all-wheel drive? All these things would matter in how the car handles. Having a 360 awareness would prove helpful as you can see ahead and make precautions, ultimately preventing any incidents. 

There is no such thing as a perfect driver, this can only be gained from experience by gradually driving more and paying attention to the little things. Start off with short distance trips alone until you feel more comfortable to extend the distance or drive with passengers. 

As a new driver it would probably be the first time you take control of the wheel with four and even five friends in the car. While everyone is chatting about or on their phones and telling jokes it may be hard for you to take that all in while driving. Make sure you are comfortable driving, and if anything is irritating make sure to resolve it. We tend to forget the responsibilities involved since we gain all that extra freedom and flexibility. You can even take further defensive driving courses to better prevent any incident from happening. 

Car Care

What the learner’s and driving tests lacked was car care education. This plays an important role in road safety as it is all the nitty gritty things that keeps your car in shape. The form of transport where you are putting your life at risk, trusting that it could get you to A to B safely. 

You should always make sure that all exterior lights are working, headlights, parking lights, blinkers, reverse and brake lights. Take note of the car servicing schedules and even knowing how to change the car oil and jump-starting a car would come in handy. Make sure you know how to change a flat tyre, check tyre pressure, fill petrol, check fluid levels and do some basic troubleshooting should the car stop running. And also know where the tools in car car are kept in-case of emergencies. Make sure you have all the road safety items in your car, making sure that stands, jumper leads, and phone chargers are at the ready. 

Also budget for petrol, it is an added expense but hey, it’s doing you good by being an effective means of transport. So if you go on roadtrips or use the car for a period of time make sure you pitch in an appropriate amount. It is only fair. It would be quite frustrating getting a car with an almost-empty tank when you have to go places urgently. 

Extra Cover

Even though no matter how well prepared in-advance we are, emergencies do happen. Besides all the general car care knowledge, some we would have to leave to the professionals. Having roadside assistance is a godsend to have when you are stuck in a rut. Drivers aged 16-20 can get free roadside assistance for the first year at Free2go

But more importantly, car insurance should be a definite.  This is an important safeguard, no matter how good of a driver you are you will need this just because things may not go your way, or you get blamed even though it was not your fault. You would rather be safe than sorry and have that peace of mind. What would happen if one unfortunate day you were to rear-end a Lamborghini or Ferrari. Most likely you would not have the funds to pay for repairs even after a few years. Make sure the car or you are insured everytime you drive. And even though you have a license you are by no means entitled to a car, sharing is caring and you should respect the other driver’s use. 

You may even notice other reckless drivers or those that simply speed up instead of slowing down at a yellow. For those that are new to the roads, this can be even more dangerous. 

And with all that, obey the road rules and you should be good to go. You should remember that it is not only you on the roads and that there are others at risk. Each state and country have different road rules but the responsibilities are essentially the same.