Detect Leaks

Water leakage is a serious issue, and if you don’t pay attention to it, it can lead to dire consequences. Don’t let the matter go out of hand and call a plumber in Smyrna to see what the problem is and get it sorted out as soon as possible. Also, there are some ways to figure out the leakage issues.

Leak detection can allow you to stop leaks and save your property. Knowing that finding leaks is not an easy task, keep reading this blog to know the best three and easy ways to find leakage problems.

Also, to stop the leakage, remember to get in touch with a professional that will come to your home and get the issue resolved.

#1. Get the toilet checked

The first thing that you should do is check your toilets. Toilets consume a lot of water. When there is water leakage in the toilet, it uses even more water. To detect a leakage, remove the lid from the tank. Now pay attention and listen, do you hear any hissing sounds?

If you can hear the hissing sounds, you can add red food coloring into the tank. Just a couple of drops will do. Wait for a few minutes. Take a look inside the bowl of the toilet. Has the color of the water transformed into pink, if yes, then there is a leakage problem! Don’t try to fix anything, call a professional, and get the issue resolved then and there. Also, check all the toilets for a leakage problem.

#2. Check the hot water tank

Checking a leakage in the water tank is the most challenging part. To see if there is a leakage in the hot water tank, you need to examine the pressure relief valve. The valve remains inside the drain, and that’s why it becomes challenging to detect the leakage. You need to remove the drain pipe in order to look for the leak.

If there is no way you can remove the drain pipe, then the alternative way to find the leakage is to listen carefully for a hissing sound yet again. If there is a hissing sound, you have found your problem. You need to call a professional for the hot water tank leakage. Also, if you see some sitting water just below the tank, clearly, there is a leakage.

#3. Checking the meter line

Turn off the meter temporarily and remove the lid. Now watch the dial. Remove the dirt from the dial, if any, because with time, dirt and debris may accumulate. Once you can see the meter dial, see if it is still running.

If you can see the meter running, then the problem is in the leaking valve or within the house. Most probably, the leakage is in the house and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. To know where the leakage is coming from, you need to walk between the meter and the shut off valve. If you see some muddy or soft areas, then you have ideally located the leaking spot. Now, it’s time to call an expert who will look into the matter and solve the issue for you.

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