Martial Art

Is someone who is training for many years make the best instructor? Or it’s the one who has a good fight record? Although talent and knowledge is one thing that every trainer should have, they should also be passionate enough about offering that knowledge to the students.

If you are into martial art and you must have pondered at some point that whether or not you are getting trained from a good instructor.  After all, your instructor plays a major role in deciding how well you will learn and how efficiently you will grow as a person. So, if you have ever been in that thought, or you are planning to have a martial art instructor, do keep in mind these things:

They Are Packed With Knowledge:

How much experience does your martial art instructors have? Well, many professionals who are into this training aren’t as good as they operate themselves. Hence, do a background check and then choose the one. Go beyond just social media accounts and their official websites. Check, if the instructor has been training for long to have the required knowledge to pass to the students.

They Have Patience:

Martial art training is very tough, as the instructor has to explain complex techniques over and over to make students learn. Martial art coaches are very patient; they understand that every student has its own learning capabilities. The reason they don’t rush for every technique and teach students patiently. They also don’t compare students with one another and believe in one’s personal growth.

They Are Student’s Inspiration:

The best trainers are those who inspire their students, as everyone needs some motivation to push beyond limits. A good trainer will bring out the best from you, making you believe in your goals. They will challenge your abilities to help you do better in the future.

They Are Flexible In Learning:

As said, not every student is capable of learning at the same time. Therefore,  it is very important for the instructor to be flexible in its approach. They have to adopt different learning styles to ensure that the students get the most out of their training sessions. After all, every student has its own learning capabilities, and there’s no one common solution when it comes to training. So, if your instructor is willing to teach as per your needs, and will help you reach your full potential, you are lucky!

They Will Offer Constructive Feedback:

To help you do better in training and to keep track of your performance, feedback is important. This will help gauge upon what you are doing right and how you can improve your weak areas. Also, if you have a good instructor, the feedback you will get might not be generic, but would be really helpful.

You Will Always Get A Positive Review:

If you lack in training, a good instructor will not tell you to lie and say you will win. Instead, they will put its honest reviews for you and will encourage you to do more. Don’t expect them to praise your mediocre efforts; they will encourage you on things that are required to keep you on track.

They Put Students Safety At First:

Martial art training is a hardcore training that might give some bruises on your body, but that doesn’t mean you will end up looking like a monkey. The instructor will introduce you to the safety gears to help you train for tough situations. Also, they put very close attention to the student’s sessions, so that they understand the training and how they can be safe in it.

Is your instructor having these qualities? If yes, congratulations! You are in safe hands!