web design

If you understand web design or have tried designing a website before, you know that it is not an easy task. Even if you feel like you already know what to do, when you consider all the elements, you will still have a hard time. You have an idea about how the page should look, but you worry that it won’t turn out to be as appealing as you hoped. The good thing is that with experts in web design like the ones at xist2.com, you can avoid outdated web design strategies that are no longer useful.

Image carousel

There was a time when they became popular, and some websites even use them now. The reason why it is no longer a trend today is that they make it difficult for users to search for the content they want. They need to click on several images or pages before they see everything. It is annoying for them, and they prefer to find information elsewhere instead. It could hurt you if your goal is to attract them to explore your site.

Stock photos

The reason why stock photos became famous was that they were too easy to find. You can open websites with stock photos, and you can instantly get the images you need. Unfortunately, people no longer respond to these images in the same way that they respond to regular pictures. They would rather see regular folks using the products than the ones in stock photos. Besides, the people in stock photos don’t reflect the people you are trying to sell the product to. If potential customers can’t relate to the images, they might not buy the product at all.


Everyone hates popups. The goal might be to advertise the brand, but people get annoyed in return. They are too aggressive in selling products to people, and no one wants that experience when opening websites. Today, most sites don’t have these popups anymore, and they limit the ads on the page.

Missing information

There was also a period when minimalism was the ultimate approach in web design. People hated it when they received too much information that they could not process. As a result, web designers decided to opt for a minimalistic approach. The problem was the information people received became too little that people could no longer find what they wanted. There were no clear labels. There were no product descriptions. The strategy hurt the appeal of the website. Simplicity is different from minimalism and keeping the site simple does not mean you need to remove the essential information.

Several fonts

Fonts look great especially for people who love seeing unique fonts. They used to be appealing, but they cater only to a small group of people. For everyone else, they don’t care about the fonts. They only care about the information they get. Given the number of fonts available today, it might be easy for you to think that you need all of them on your pages. The truth is that you should only have one or two professional looking fonts that are worth using or are related to your brand.

These elements are no longer popular because they created an adverse effect on visitors. You need to remove them from your site too, if you still have them.