Addiction Treatment

Once you have made the decision to get treatment for your addiction problem, the next step is choosing where to go. Convenience is often the first thing that those seeking help think about. Of course, getting treatment near your home can be a lot cheaper as you may not require accommodations or transportation. However, the reality is that change is a higher priority and going away to seek treatment is often a good idea.

Even if you prefer finding treatment close to your home, there are so many sound reasons for getting it out of state. As such, you can recover faster in a new geographical location. Here are some reasons why professionals often recommend that addicts choose a program far from their homes.

#1. Getting a Fresh Start

Pursuing treatment in a different geographical location offers you a physical and mental fresh start. It allows you to move ahead without constantly getting reminders of your past mistakes. Rehabilitation is a long-term recovery process, so you need to focus more easily on your goals, and it’s only a new environment that can do that effectively.

Travel to a new, pleasant location and you are most likely going to feel like you’re on vacation. This can give you a relaxed atmosphere where balancing the work of recovery becomes more enjoyable and less challenging. The privacy that these centers far from home offer can make you feel hidden from the people you’re familiar with.

#2. Get a Better Fit

While you may know of some rehabs close to home, it doesn’t mean those programs are your best bet. Treatment facilities vary in terms of their living environment, the therapies they offer, the types of addictions they treat, and much more. If you’re looking for a suitable center, visit

#3. Helps Curb Impulsive Behavior

When you attend a treatment center near your home, you’re likely to impulsively decide to leave the program once it gets tough. However, remaining in the facility for an adequate length of time is very important if you’re looking for ultimate success.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, increased length of stay in rehab can lead to improved outcomes such as abstinence from drugs. This makes traveling a great idea when it comes to treatment and recovery.

#4. Avoid Triggers More Easily

In a new geographical location, you’ll have no memories of your past substance abuse. The locations and neighborhoods you’ll be in aren’t triggers. Moreover, there’s no temptation to look for old groups of friends for they’ll be far away. You no longer have to rely on them. More importantly, you’ll be far from the familiar liquor stores you used to frequent.

In a new location, you’ll be in an environment where you can form new bonds. This can allow you to start experiencing and learning how to build healthy relationships. In this kind of location and environment, you can easily focus on yourself and your recovery process. This is what rehabilitation is all about.


Traveling to a new location for addiction treatment is the idea behind rehabilitation. It is almost impossible to recover when you’re in your familiar environment. So, begin packing your bags for a fresh start in a trigger-free location and, most likely, a better rehabilitation center.

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