Although not a discount trader, is a reliable product that brings the best trading experience of forex and CFD traders worldwide.

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The parent company is publicly traded (NASDAQ: SNEX) and is regulated in 4-1 locations, making it a safe (low risk) trader for forex and CFD trading. received Best in Class (top 7) awards in four main categories: fundraising, platform and tools, education, and Mobile Marketing.

Due to the presence of so many different markets available, the offer of many commodities is very bright on its chief Advanced Dealing (desktop) and Web Dealing (browser) platforms.

Is safe? is considered low risk, with a total Trust of 93 out of 99. is public dealing, not accumulated, and accepted by high trust, general trust and low trust.


The commodities and services you can get from will depend on where you are detected and the effective business that keeps your report. 

Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency dealing is available through CFDs but is not available for dealing under assets (e.g. buying Bitcoin).

Commissions and fees

While offers a wide range of options, three types of accounts, and transparency statistics, our research found that costs less than the average in most cases.

General Account: A standard account is the only MetaTrader customer option, and it would not be my best choice. The average spread is up 1.4 pips (1.6 in the US) in EUR / USD, according to the general distribution data provided by (August 2020). All in all, marketers who want to make a profit from the market and who are not willing to pay a premium for high streaming will opt for a standard account.

DMA Account (also known as STP PRO account in the US): Available worldwide and bundled in the Advanced Trading platform suite for the platform, the DMA account offers the creation of the highest agency and possible discounts on

The average spread was 0.03 pips on this account during the August 2020 EUR / USD pair, reaching 1.5 pips after adding a rotating commission equal to 1.2 pips to the base tier.

Successful costs are almost the same as the base line in the Commission account (see below) except that you trade more than $ 100M per month two-tier when successful spread decreases to 1.1 pips per two-tier. In the meantime, traders earning more than $ 2B per month (sixth grade) will see a successful spread of 0.7 pips, compared to what the IC or Tickmill Market offers.

Commission account (the US only): Also bound to associated with trading platforms (no MetaTrader). They are designed for medium to high volume traders who are looking for discounts from’s Active Trader operating system.

Platforms and Tools offers forex traders everything they need to do a great and a fortunate trade. Between the chief of Advanced dealing desktop and Web dealing platform, following the complete suite of MetaTrader, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

Advanced Trading: The flagship desktop platform, Advanced Trading, is highly suited to experienced traders and comes with a powerful charging package loaded with a large selection of technical indicators (total of 139), drawing tools, and more than a hundred officials who have previously described strategies. Practical investigation and research tools are enabled by Dealing Central and include its compatibility with Market Buzz, Technical Insight, and Analyst Views components. 

Web Trading: Favourable for casual dealers,’s Web Dealing place  makes it easy to search markets, do research, and set up Dealing places. Charts are powered by DealingView and come with about 100 measures, 14 set duration, and ten sorts of charts.

Creating a new design can be tedious because windows do not automatically reset and can be cluttered instantly. In addition to that limited concept and the deficit of the aforementioned properties, there are a variety of advanced features and features such as a “lock all” button, integrated positions, and the ability to set price tolerance (deviation of slipperiness) trading executions.

The platform gives a rich experience. I really appreciate how the charts can be saved and used as the required guide for new charts. However, it needs to be loaded each time manually.

Final Thoughts is a reliable forex trader that shines through its wide range of products, excellent options for platforms and trading tools, and its selection of internal and external market research.

While its price is not down to the rock, brings a good feeling to forex traders of all levels of experience.