Almost 45% of businesses don’t have a clearly set out marketing strategy in place. An effective marketing strategy is a must for any business that wants to attract a loyal customer base — but especially for niche businesses. When you operate in a particular niche over more general markets, you need to make sure you’re successfully catching the attention of your ideal customer. Employing niche marketing strategies is key in order to stand out to customers and beat the competition.

Use local SEO

Local SEO can target consumers in your local area. In fact, 97% of consumers have used online searches to find a local business, while 46% of all Google searches seek local information. Law, in particular, is an increasingly saturated and competitive industry — particularly in major cities. Using lawyer SEO can help law firms to improve their visibility to local clients. For example, updating your Google My Business page with thorough and detailed information can ensure your business profile matches the search terms used by your target audience. Be as specific as possible to gain a competitive edge and stand out to customers against your competitors (for example, use “personal injury lawyer” instead of just “lawyer”).

Encourage user-generated content

User-generated content is a valuable tool that can drive traffic to your site and strengthen customer loyalty. As many as 60% of consumers consider user-generated content the most authentic type of content. Authenticity also boosts sales — 86% of consumers value authenticity when choosing which company to buy from. Optimizing your hashtag use is a simple yet effective way of incorporating user-generated content into your marketing strategy. So, for example, if your customers already use a set hashtag when they post on social media about your business, you should take advantage of that, and start using the same one. Alternately, you can create your own new personalized hashtag and use it religiously throughout all your posts.

Become the go-to industry expert

When you’re in a niche industry, you’re going to want customers to look to you as the resident go-to expert — someone on the forefront of the latest trends, who has all the answers to their burning industry-related questions and knows all the latest exciting new developments. It’s therefore essential that you position yourself as an authority in your industry. By creating consistently informative, helpful and valuable content that showcases your knowledge and expertise, you’ll truly impress your target customers. In turn, you’ll build credibility and trust with your target audience. And, when it’s finally time for them to buy, you’ll already be their first choice.

Employing effective marketing strategies is essential for your business to succeed in a niche market. By using local SEO, encouraging user-generated content, and establishing yourself as the go-to industry expert, you can better stand out to your target customer base, build a loyal following, and, ultimately, boost your sales.