The Simple 20-Minute Habits That Could Save Your Life

Are you unhappy about how you’re living? Do your days seem busier despite having nothing to show for your hard work? If so, you can transform your life with only 20 minutes daily. This article includes five healthy habits to make your life more rewarding.

You need grand gestures to improve your life, right? Wrong! This information is not only misleading but also discourages you from pursuing your goals. In reality, even the simplest healthy habits can transform your life. For instance, reading the best dating sites review and creating your profile is the first step to finding love. The best part is that these healthy habits won’t disrupt your day; you only need 20 minutes or less. Live happily with the following healthy habits activities.


From weight loss and muscle toning to improving concentration and rekindling your sex life, exercise habits save lives. Forget long gym trips and costly memberships; you can exercise at home. Unlike gyms that have particular opening hours, home workouts fit in your schedule.

You can implement these healthy habits in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Remember, there’s no perfect time to exercise; the periods have different benefits. For example, morning workouts enhance weight loss, especially if your stomach is empty. Because of the dwindling sugar reserves, your body uses stored energy to exercise, burning surplus fat.

Conversely, afternoons are excellent for high-intensity workouts thanks to the sugar boost from the day’s meals. In the evening, these healthy habits relieve accumulated stress, whether it’s a rough day at work or uncontrollable kids.


It’s the awareness of your environment, acknowledging your thoughts, emotions, and body sensations to live a healthy, fulfilling life. By so doing, mindfulness restores control over chaos, so you handle stressors instead of suppressing them. These healthy habits also impact your physical health, treating chronic pain, hypertension, heart, and gastrointestinal complications.

Mindfulness includes different healthy habits, for instance, meditation. Targeting mental and emotional clarity, these healthy habits may require you to close your eyes, hum, and control your breathing. You could meditate alone or follow an instructor while sitting, kneeling, standing, or lying down.

But you don’t need these formalities to achieve mindfulness. Instead of eating hurriedly, savor the flavors, recognizing actions like biting, chewing, and swallowing. What’s more, thank everyone responsible for the food, for example, the farmer who cultivated the ingredients, the trucker who transported them, and the cook who prepared and served the meal.

Gaining Knowledge

Knowledge acquisition is one of the crucial healthy habits for life improvement. Besides understanding yourself, learning provides insight into other people, strengthening your friendships and romantic, professional, and family relationships. Moreover, you acquire healthy skills to survive changing surroundings and experiences. You can gain knowledge through different healthy habits.

The first one is reading. While you may not have time to read an entire book, you can spare 20 minutes daily for one chapter or healthy habits articles. Another habit is listening to audiobooks and podcasts while driving, folding clothes, or waiting in line. Not forgetting healthy habits such as watching informative YouTube videos.

Cleaning Up

From taking the trash out to washing dishes, daily cleanups prevent dirt accumulation, availing time for healthy habits like exercising. Tidying up is also one of the healthy habits of health betterment. First off, your home is dust-free, reducing allergies.

Cleaning also eliminates tripping hazards, making the house safe for children. Best of all, cleaning is therapeutic. Completing demanding cleaning tasks makes you confident to tackle life’s challenges.

Uncluttering your home also clears your mind, creating space for new ideas. For easier cleaning, keep washing supplies nearby to avoid delays. Likewise, do the dishes immediately after meals and make the bed when you wake up.


Cooking lets you choose the ingredients to prevent allergies and other food restrictions. Unlike restaurants, you can control your portions to avoid overeating. Similarly, you save money, which is a top stressor.

Cooking is also relaxing since it involves satisfying activities like stirring and slicing. Furthermore, you abandon your troubles to concentrate on the current task. The fact that you take the trouble to nourish yourself proves you’re important.

Apart from the cooking process, a delicious meal is rewarding, seeing you have tangible results for your efforts. These healthy habits are more fulfilling when you cook and eat with others, such as your partner, children, and friends.


You can try one of these healthy habits and adopt others over time. Although the results take time, these healthy habits reduce stress while improving your confidence, wellbeing, and relationships. Do you practice these healthy habits? How have they changed your life? Can you recommend other healthy habits examples in the comments section below?

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Sherry is a consultant and has been involved in many successful projects with a range of companies throughout the country. She enjoys researching, discussing, and writing on the topics of relationships, wellness, and sport. When not absorbed in the latest gripping articles, Sherry loves cooking, doing sports, and otherwise spends far much time at the computer.