Everybody knows that technology has really changed this world into a funny way. Today without technology things have become impossible because this is tech era. This is changing everything from the meaning of education to business now things are different you may say it has become advance you just need to cope up with it. You just need to be part of this world.

On phones and 5G

Now phones have started coming in a folding way this is called advance level. Now time has come which 5G has promised earlier of giving facilities. Now people are ready to welcome more advance level of cell phone and its networks.  This is a world where technology gets change in every next moment. Although if you would look towards the companies all are trying hard to be the first revolutionary in the making of 5G, there are guesses that 5G iPhone can be expected in 2020.

On the development of fixed wireless

Now things also have become wireless as earlier it was very impossible of thinking about wireless phones and computers but now in tech world, tech has proved everything different and completely new thinking. So company is constantly working on this particular thing as well as. Now so many things are available in wireless forms.  And so many things are dying other side but this death is for good reason, for developing things.

Golden chance of Micro mobility

Now as time is changing last year was completely a year of the scooter. There are municipalities invest in dollars into infrastructure development and new commuter choices and an ecosystem of equipment will emerge for urban planning, it helps in transiting mapping, and ease of the navigation around the modern urban environment. And so many things are developing with time.

So everything is playing its role in the revolution of the tech world and so now this has come to a level from where things can be expect about more and more.  And at every moment every technology which is coming are getting launched and discovered is a change, a revolution. It is becoming a bridge between past and future, and it is good for future perspective where everything will be more discovered and will be available in advanced level. By doing this, you can earn 1k Daily as a passive income along with the help and guidance of Steve Mckay


So 2019 is one another year for the revolution for getting things done in a revolutionized way. Now this year has brought up so many projects to be done for the tech world. Now it is putting its emphasis on the 5G now this has become a biggest concern for all the companies and they all are trying out to bring it on the platform.  And companies are also putting their emphasis on the wireless revolution though which has already taken but they all want to take it to another level a level which become desire someday and inspiration for doing more good things in life. And that is how these things will play a role in revolution for another year.