Sunglasses Guide

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for a day out can be a tricky experience. However, finding a good pair can be easy if you know what features you should look for.

Therefore, consider checking out the features, especially functional ones, and invest properly in your next pair. Layoner sunglasses are known for having great features and good prices.

One of the things you should look into is whether the pair fits your head. As you know, there are varying shapes of heads. A pair of sunglasses can fit on one head and fail to fit another. Here are some of the common face shapes. Be sure to check out yours.


Round faces have several options when it comes to picking a pair of sunglasses. With this face shape, you can wear anything from aviators to square-shaped sunglasses. Therefore, you will never run out of options if you have a round face.

For example, you may choose to purchase Layoner sunglasses, which are known for the best fits for round faces. Also, in this list are Jacques Marie Mage Fellini Nor, which can give you that coveted look.


With an oval face, you will never get it wrong when choosing sunglasses. The only thing here is that you do not pick glasses whose frames spread wider than your face. Otherwise, most sunglasses in the market will fit your face correctly.

One of the examples of glasses for oval faces includes Layoner sunglasses. Lao, you can go for David Kind Richmond, and Native Sons Lansky sunglasses.


If you have a square jaw, picking a sunglass cannot be a daunting task. Always try to find frame designs that match your width, and they will fit you properly. There are several options for people with a square face, and finding the right sunglasses is easy.

You can choose to buy Genusee Roeper, Salt buck, or Eyevan 7285 717. Any of these options can fit a square face perfectly and give you that look you desire. All are both stylish and comfortable to wear, and therefore, you need to give them a try.


Oblong has similar options, like square-shaped faces. You need something that has rounded corners and softer lines. Therefore, you should be sure that you won’t miss sunglasses that will fit you nicely only that you may have to avoid small frames since they cannot look good on you.

Also, you can try Warby Parker Beale, Tom Ford FT0646, or GLCO x Pure Beauty Hampton X Sun sunglasses. All these are perfect choices for your face shape.


If your face is heart-shaped, you need square frames. You should avoid any oversized sunglasses or frames. Always look for something that has a sharp corner. Heart-shaped faces require a simple look that also leaves a mark of style.

Some of the options that you have here include lightweight and sharp cornered sunglasses. You can check out sunglasses Layoners online and own a pair.


Sunglasses come in varying styles and designs. Most designs depend on the face shapes, meaning you have to choose carefully. Oversized and non-fitting sunglasses mess up your look. Layoner sunglasses are the best to try on every face shape.