Dentists handle the delicate task of maintaining oral health and putting hearty smiles on their patients’ faces. There’s a wide range of reasons that would prompt an individual to switch dentists, the most common motive being relocation. However, some patients might develop a distaste for the expensive dental procedures recommended by their dentists.

Whatever your reason, it’s crucial to get a reliable dentistry such as this Dentist Vermont clinic. This particular clinic regards dental health quite highly.

Here are 5 steps to switching dentists:

#1. Request for a referral

Most people switch dentists as a result of relocating to a different location. If you are moving, it helps to seek an appropriate referral from your current dentist. First explain why you’re moving and inquire whether your dentist might know of a competent dentist practicing within your new community. Also check from the pharmacists and physicians working within your current neighborhood. Thanks to social media, you can reach out to relatives and close friends and get dentist recommendations from them.

#2. Transfer dental records

Part of the switching process will involve signing a distinct release document that allows your current dentist to transfer all your dental records to your new dentist. The best way to handle this engagement would be to visit your previous dentist and request for a quick transfer of your personal dental records. However, you can approve this transfer by making a simple phone call – it all depends on which technique offers the most convenience to you.

#3. Seek for an appointment from your potential dentist

After getting several referrals, conduct a thorough online search and create a proper list based on the reviews of each dentist. Next, schedule an appointment with the first dentist on your list. Dental clinics tend to allow a mere handful of patients per day to prevent them from getting overwhelmed. Therefore, seek your appointment early in advance to book your spot with a potential dentist practicing within your new neighborhood.

#4. Ask all the right questions

Sometimes we get so over-excited with outstanding first impressions that we forget about the bigger picture. However, it’s important ask your new dentist all the appropriate questions. Seek to discover their approach to dental treatment and their philosophies. Ensure you capture all the unique points and potential red flags raised by the dentist. For instance, does she express herself succinctly? What dental prevention strategies does your potential dentist exhibit? Have clear expectations regarding what you really desire from your new dentist. In addition, avoid dentists that stress on expensive practices such as cosmetic dentistry.

#5. Reveal all essential health info

Some people have pre-existing health conditions that might interfere with future dental treatments. Others might already be receiving treatments for an array of ailments. It’s important to share relevant information about your health with your new dentist, pointing out the different health conditions you are suffering from and any treatments you’re on. This vital info will provide guidance, helping your dentist to avoid certain dental procedures that might adversely affect your health.